What happens in a lysol fog

I had a couple of ideas to blog about earlier today, but I didn't write them down and obviously didn't stop to actual type something up.

I just counted and there are nineteen days until Christmas. Not counting today..which means I am going to have to do two entries in one day to stay on track.

Interesting day today....

...Up at 6:30 to be awake enough to work at 7:30.

...Surprisingly slow; only took 1o calls in 2 hours.

...One child woke up complaining of severe throat pain, another was vomiting.

...The house smells like Lysol. (Please don't send comments on how bad Lysol is/was/could be...so is a stomach virus.)

...Finished my Education portfolio. New record for me. It gets graded on Tuesday. Last semester I finished it the morning of the final. (shh...)

...Learned I need to study more. (Judging from the content of this blog, I am sure you were more than aware of that already.)

...You've Got Mail just came on. I LOVE her hair in this movie.

...I have sat here for about 25 minutes and have come up with nothing else. This may be another clue to study more....

See y'all on the flip side. The civil war awaits my perusal.

...I am pretty sure I used "perusal" incorrectly.


SarahHub said...

I love her hair in that movie, too. Plus, she looks better before all the plastic surgery...

Bridgett said...

Zipping my mouth...saying nothing about Lysol. :)

BTW...I don't think I have your address! If you want a card from Boo, send it to me ASAP chica. LOL


Fiona said...

Hey - what's wrong with Lysol? I'd use it, if I wasn't the laziest house-keeper *ever*.

Meanwhile, I'm in the same boat for exams. So let me say this: two weeks and its OVER. Focus on that. I am.

Brandi said...

Well i love your lil update. : D

I watched that last night too!

Rachel said...

I think that Lysol must be fine. As long as you aren't spraying it on your children's food.... ;)

I've never seen that movie. I feel out of the hair loop.

Also, when finals are near, there's ALWAYS something that's more important to do than study. Don't you need to paint your nails or vacuum the floor or learn to knit?

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