Laughing is easier than crying

Interesting day today...

I made a guest appearance (read:substitute taught) in fourth grade. This particular teacher and I have a special relationship so I usually get her room.

We had a great day. I had to chuckle when I did the check for homework in math. This little girl comes up to me and says, "I don't have my homework because I didn't have time to finish it in class. Then I had _____ practice last night and it was family night, so I didn't get it done.

I say, "No problem. You can finish it up a recess."

"BUT," ::looks at me so sweetly:: "I can finish it this weekend?"

"Um. No. Mrs. B will be looking for it. It won't take you long."

She gave me the "Hmm. I thought I had you fooled" look before she sat down.

This ain't my first rodeo kids.

This evening I worked the other job. I have to say, I am starting to come to grips with things. I have been having some interesting calls. Here are the top three for tonight:

1) Script comes up for med!cal equipment. He gives me his zip code and when I start talking he says to talk slow because he is going to translate in Spanish for his wife. Being I am being recorded, I comply. Only my spidey senses pick up something strange. Now, I am not fluent by any stretch, but he wasn't quite translating what I was saying. Needless to say, his calling was serving another purpose. He also didn't mind letting me know he was *ahem* done with me. I am sure he took a nap right after he hung up.

::shudders again::

2) After I read my opening, I asked the caller for the zip code. He gives me the city and state. So I ask him for the numerical postal code. HE. PUTS. ME. ON. HOLD. I am all, "What in the---" He is breathing heavy, and I am thinking this guy better NOT be doing..... He gives me the number, but he seems uncertain. Then I very slowly explain that the call IS BEING RECORDED. (I mean seriously, two in one night?!?) Next I ask him for his first name. He gives me his whole name. I get the first one OK, but I ask him to spell his last name. Hand to heart,I am not making this up-- he puts me on hold. I hear a drawer opening. He spells it one letter at a time. This is what I have on my screen:


So I spell it back. He says it is wrong and spells it again. Slowly, mind you.


Long story short, I tell him that I am having a problem with my phone and could he say his name again. I finally get it but it is nothing like what he was spelling.

I was afraid that he is trying to fraud someone. Turns out he has no credit card anyway, and so the call was over.


Biggest laugh of the night
3. I am capturing the information correctly, there isn't any problems. She is sweet as pie. When we get to her address she gives me the number, "**** diamond, like the ring, street....."

I busted out laughing. That was hilarious.

What made you laugh today?


Fiona said...

You made me laugh! Except that first call was GROSS. Someone did that to me on the subway in DC one time. Right out in the open, 2 feet away. Blech.

I think sometime today I'm going to have to say, "This ain't my first rodeo" to someone. Love that.

Bridgett said...

Ewww....I think I'm too grossed out to laugh.



Brandi said...

Haha kids can be ooh so sneaky. : D

What made me laugh today, you! : )

Perkysgrl said...

Um, I'm not sure I want to know what that guy was REALLY doing...


Land of Lovings said...

Oh NO he didn't! That is horrible!

Note to self: always be nice to people on the other end of an 800#, you never know what they've had to deal with before you called!

Courtney said...

I used to work for an airline taking reservations till about midnight. Around 9 or 10 every night, I would start to get "those calls." I don't know how many times guys would call and ask me to speak slowly, or who would ask me weird and personal questions, like what was I wearing, where was I located, would I meet them for a drink if they made a reservation? And it often got really perverted. It was disgusting. And we could not hang up on them. I mean, we had no physical way to disconnect the call. You just had to sit there in silence, hoping the guy didn't hear anyone in the background and that he would eventually hang up.

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