Chickens may have been easier

At the boys' school, 4th graders participate in 4-H. Basically, they have a meeting once a month (in the classroom) and do various activities. Nicholas (the 4th grader) came home from the initial meeting and announced he wanted to raise chickens.

Darn...we live in the city limits.

At any rate, I knew that he would be having a cornbread competition. So when I ran across this recipe on BooMama's blog, I made a mental note.

The Wednesday night prior to the actual competition, I made a practice batch and deemed it blue ribbon material.

The batch for the competition didn't seemed like it turned out quite the same. Nothing doing, Nicholas decided his three slices must come from the second batch.

I had him write out the recipe as we made it (omitted the sugar and cream corn. Corn= against rules. Pity.) We made the title BooMama's Cornbread.

I am all about proper attribution.

Friday afternoon he comes home and alas, lacking the blue ribbon. Well, any ribbon for that matter.

Then he tells me that one of the judge's came in his room and said,"Who made BooMama's cornbread?"

He said, "The whole class laughed, and I raised my hand. Then the lady said that BooMama was a talker on the computer."

It may not have won at SmallTown Elementary, but kids, you must make this cornbread.

It's a blue ribbon recipe in this house.


Brandi said...

hehe, well I'd try it if I didn't hate cornbread. So I'll just trust you. : )


Bridgett said...

Wait, I'm confused...so one of the judges at his school reads BooMama too?

I'm missing something. LOL

I have to say though, I LOVE cornbread. And that recipe looks pretty darn good.


SarahHub said...

I think it sounds yummy. And I'll bet it smells better than chickens.

Fiona said...

Yum. I love, love, love cornbread. I'll eat Brandi's share.

Land of Lovings said...

I may have to try that recipe. It has to be better than my 59 cent box of Jiffy corn bread mix!

And, just for the record, absolutely anything is easier (and better smelling) than chickens! : )

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