Geography isn't my forte either (apparently)

First thing in geography class on Tuesday someone asked when the final was scheduled.

Answer: Thursday, December 11.

That meant we had only two class meetings until the final. (Counting Tuesday)


So when he mentioned the map test would be on Thursday, we were all like, "Yeah. Ok. Cool."

When he then decided that he would cut the map portion in half, but we could choose which map, we were like, "Dude. You rock."

It was when the vote came in that it was decided the test would be South America. Ironically, in a class of 40-ish people, only five voted on SA. But, in keeping in tune of American voting, the popular vote didn't get it, but the electoral college (read: instructor) decided.

Kinda like the election of 1860.

***Updated*** Fiona GRACIOUSLY helped me out on this little fact. I knew there was a nasty election where Congress actually decided the final vote. I was too lazy to look up the year (before I posted) for sure, but I am referring to the election of 1876. Thank-you Fiona. Let's just say I am not doing well with this era up to and including the Civil war. Carry on....

Or, in keeping in South American culture, the people can vote, but the dictator (read: instructor) decided.

Here is the map and the 54 componets we are responsible for knowing. OH! I didn't I make myself clear?

The test is THIS Thursday.

I know that is hard to see... The areas I know already are colored in.





oh I kid. (somewhat)

Here is what I know without looking it up:

1. Falkland Islands
54. Easter Island
53. Galapagos Islands
32. Chili
44. Straits of Magellan
52. Brasilia
51. Rio

Ok. Maybe I should study....


Fiona said...

OK, don't hate me, but...

Do you mean the election of 1876? Decided by Congress after a tie (sort of)?

The election of 1860 was a pretty clear win for Lincoln, because the Democratic Party split into 2 factions and a group of southerners formed the Constitution Party and voted for yet another candidate. So the breakdown was 30% Douglas, 18% Breckenridge, 13% Bell, and 40% Lincoln - Lincoln wins, popular and electoral though nobody gets a plurality.

Sorry. History teacher.

And hey - you're doing great with that map. Better than me, because I'm all "where are the Falklands?"

Fiona said...

And yes, that's slightly more than 100%, I think because of rounding.

Rachel said...

Yeah, I'm with Fiona about that map. I'm proud of you. I know that I've heard of the Falklands (I think there was even some kind of war there...?) and Easter Island, but I had NO CLUE they were even in South America.

However, this is coming from a girl that didn't even know there was a place called Central America until she was 20.


Bridgett said...

Gah! You know more than I. Geography was never my forte either. I have very basic knowledge...I can guess most of the countries (probably right)...but anything else? Ha!

Especially capitols...I never have a clue.

Good luck!!!

Fiona said...

Heather, you're so gracious. I can be kind of a pill on history.

If you take a history class, though, drop me a line. I'm your girl.

Brandi said...

gooood luck! but i'm sure you'll do great! ; )

Lori said...

I hope you studied a lot today and are ready for that test tomorrow! Get a good night's sleep, eat a good breakfast, and don't stress! You can do it!!!

SarahHub said...

Sorry to offend my history teacher friend, but I'm all "What war?"

Makes me feel a little (lot) dumb. Maybe Fiona can give us a History 101 brush-up...

Good luck on the map. I know you'll rock it, Overachiever.

Fiona said...

Sara - the Faulklands War, of course! Fought under the Thatcher regime by Britain because they claimed ownership of the islands.

The only reason I know that (and I *can't* find them on the map, but I feel ok about that because clearly Heather is our resident map person) is because I saw a documentary on the BBC 2 summers ago on a night when TV was really, really boring.

Fiona said...



Heather said...

The Faulkland Islands are hard to see on my map. BUT, if you are looking at it, just to the left of 'South America' you can see a circle and '1.' That would be them.

Thanks to everyone for the good thoughts on the test. He literally handed us a blank map and the sheet of the names we needed which also included the Central America stuff. I rocked that baby. Well, except in Boliva...I got La Paz and Sucre backwards....

Fiona said...

OK, see and I would have said "Sucre?" what's that?

Congrats on rocking it out. It's such a nice feeling to hit a home run like that.

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