Random lessons

I am copying some things that I have needed to do for about, oh, a month and half. It's taking just short of forever. Lexmark is not my friend.

Firefox on the other hand, is my friend. As I type, be it an email or a blog post, the misspelled words are underlined in red. It seems to do a better job than spell check. We all know I need help in that department. Now, if I could find a program to help with my less-than stellar grammar skilz, I'd be set.

(Firefox does not recognize skilz. Pity.)

Yesterday I did not get called to teach (BONUS DAY OFF!!) so I took full advantage of the day. Being that next week is finals, I decided to see if there was any time available at my other job.
In all, I was able to pick up about 2.5 hours. In a session of about 45 minutes, I took about 25 calls. Except for about 5, all of the calls were in reference to a commercial I am sure you all have seen. Something about getting money for your g*ld and s!lver. You call for an envelope and leaflet that explains the procedure...(I am being purposefully vague.) Now, out of those 20 calls for that specific client, only 2 of the people were requesting the package. The rest of them? Wanting to know where their money is, wanting to know why it is taking so long, ect. The only thing I can do is give them the 1-800 to call. I have a few opinions about that particular project;
1) Do not send your baubles blindly to this particular place. I am not sure what kind of practices they are doing
2) If I worked for said company, I would quit.
3) If one is hard up for cash and feels that this sort of transaction would ease the burden, especially at this time of year, please just go to a local pawn shop. At least then one could get his or her stuff back.

Having said all of that, if anyone has sent things in to this particular company and has been successful, I'd like to hear it.

This is my 76th post. I counted this morning, and there are (counting today) 30 days left in the year. My goal is to post my 100th on New Year's Eve. Y'all will keep me accountable, right?

I am all decorated for Christmas. As soon as I can clear the memory card I will take some photos and post them here. I am hoping that Mimi and her crew will take pity on me....

One last thing... I just thought of this for some reason...The geometry class I take is at night and there are only eleven of us. One of those is a guy. Before class started last night, I was turned in my seat talking to another girl about her wedding. The guy sits in line with her but about two rows over. I just happened to look his way, and I would have SWORN dude was taking pictures of me with his cell phone. He had it pointed at me and when I looked up, he moved it, pushed some buttons and DID IT AGAIN. I wanted to ask him about it, but I didn't want to seem conceited or something. Yikes.

(Firefox didn't show conceited to be misspelled. Interesting)

Whatever gets your rocks off, buddy.


Bridgett said...

Yikes. That's a little creepy. God only knows what he's doing TO those pictures. LOL

I know just what commercial you're talking about...and the first time I saw it I was thinking to myself, "Who in the hell would send their valuable jewelry to a some random company?"

I'd love to see pictures of your Christmas decorations. We put ours up this weekend too. I posted a few pictures on my blog.

100th post on New Year's Eve...I'm on it! :)

Miss you!

SarahHub said...

Okay, even I know not to just put my gold in an envelope and wait for the money to roll in. Jeez, people!

Keep the posts coming!

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