Black Friday leftovers

Thanksgiving went off without a hitch. Had it not been for my sweet, sweet husband, we may still be waiting on something. For twelve people to have eaten, when we finished eating, it looked like I had just sat the table.

Sad, in a way.

I wish I had known some other people to invite, but then again, I am not sure where they would have sat.

My mom and I went out this morning as our yearly tradition dictates. We walked into Kohl's at 4 am. This year may be a record. While there were lots of people out, I didn't see anything like in the past.

I did yell at a guy in Cracker Barrel. It was a "you had to be there moment" but he was unnecessarily rude. I have NO patience for that. I did tell him oh-so-sweetly to have a Happy Holiday.

Only 27 days until Christmas.



Courtney said...

I can't believe you went shopping at four in the morning! That's so crazy. But I'm glad it wasn't violent. Some poor employee at a WalMart in Long Island got trampled to death this morning. What a world.

Fiona said...

You're braver than I am.

Of course, I might have gone shopping this afternoon, had I not been in my office making photocopies for an annual report. Grrr....

12 people is huge, for me. At 6 people we start to feel itchy.

SarahHub said...

You make me laugh!

Did you get any good deals? I am never brave enough to fight those crowds.

Bridgett said...

Get creative with those leftovers. Make some turkey tetrazzini or turkey omelets or a big pot of turkey noodle soup. That's always a hit on these cold pre-winter days. :)

Glad you guys had a lovely Thanksgiving.


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