'Tis the season for cooking and cleaning

I am terribly behind in reading, commenting, ect. I was trying to catch up this morning, when clearly my time would be better spent cleaning, baking for tomorrow, and making shopping lists for Friday. Big Daddy has already called to check on my progress. Here is what I have accomplished today:

1. Slept until 8:01 (was woken by the phone-unknown caller)
2. Made coffee
3. Read and commented on many blogs.
4. Drank coffee
5. Answered phone at 9:27.

Hmmm. It seemed as though I had gotten more done when I was thinking about it.

Here is my to-do list for today:
1. 87 loads of laundry
2. 436 pieces of ironing
3. Dust all rooms.
4. Vaccum/mop all rooms
5. Clean 3 bathrooms.
6. Burn Clean boys room
7. Make fruit salad
8. Balance checkbook
9. Read/comment on blogs
10. Change living room around

I shall be around later on. Looks like I have a lot to do.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve.


Fiona said...

Wow! That's a lot of stuff to do.

Good luck, Godspeed. [salutes]

Bridgett said...

You're ambitious! LOL

I need to get some stuff done around here too. I've done one load of laundry, organized my vitamins in my 'weekly dispenser,' hung up the kids clothes and laid some out to be packed, bathed the kids, made them lunch, and that's about it. LOL

Now I'm sitting down for a few minutes to catch up on reading. I just feel so blah.

Anyway...good luck with all those errands!!!


Rachel said...

Too bad you can't make your brother help...;)

SarahHub said...

Okay, here's a secret house-keeping tip: stop ironing. It's so 1990's. We go for the rumpled look in my house.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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