Oh Brother

Forgive me dear readers, for I am about to....

Well, I'll let you decide what to call it.

Earlier this evening, the phone rang. I didn't recognize the number, but it was a cell phone, so I picked up. It was my brother.

Now, my more astute readers will immediately point out the two obvious details of that last statement.

A)Didn't recongize the number and,

B) It was my brother.

Friends that have known me pre-Blogger know about the relationship, or lack of one, that I have with my brother.

I have never really liked him. There may have been a year in the 80s.

Don't get me wrong. I love him-he is my brother. I just don't like him. If truth be told, my parents feel the same way. He has just taken advantage of them too many times. I am talking theft, lies, and pawning a few of their things that he "borrowed."

My brother and I are polar opposites. Literally. For example, he thinks it's ok to abuse the welfare system. He gets paid under the table at his job, and then brags about his kids getting free/reduced at school; he says it's owed to him because,"I've paid my taxes."

But my brother has three of the sweetest kids. Ian (6), Kassie(4) and Trinity(1). I lOVE them to pieces. I put up with his mouth so I can see them.

Tonight is a perfect example of how tacky my brother can be...

Back to the phone converstation:

Me: Hello?
Him: Hey.
Me: ::thinking who is this??:: Hey.

Lightbulb! I know who it is now..

Him: I was just calling to see what I need to bring Thursday.
Me: ::thinking what is Thursday??!?:: Um...I am not sure what is going on, but I am not going to be home, and Big Daddy has to work...
Him: Oh, I mean Thanksgiving. I am sure that I am invited. What do I need to bring?
Me: Um...
Him: (something dumb and self-centered--can't recall)
Me: Well, that is fine but I haven't really made the menu yet...I thought you were going to her grandmother's? (His wife's g-ma house)
Him: Since her grandpa died, grandma isn't going to cook. She [grandma] is going with her brother so we had to find somewhere else to go.

(Hand to heart, that is how he put it.)

Me: Ok. No problem. Let's see...well just bring what YOU all would like to drink.
Him: I could bring a dessert.
Me: No NO. Big Daddy is off and you know how he loves to bake. Just bring drinks. Really.
Him: Ok. See you Thursday.


I called my mom and the first thing out of her mouth was, "So he called you." Apparently, he called her first to see if she was cooking. And she hasn't done Thanksgiving in four years (I think). She told him that they were coming here and he was like, "Ok. We'll see you there." My mom said, "You know, you might want to let her know. That's five more people."

And Jessica's boyfriend makes it 13. I am looking for a fourteenth person. Of course, you may have to sit on the deck, but it's usually warm on Thanksgiving here.

Do you have someone/something you dread at the holidays?


Brandi said...

Sigh, family members. lol Lucky for me the family I am in contact with are amazing. It sucks that your brother is such a (beeeep). : x

I'm just glad I get to be home through the holidays. : )


Perkysgrl said...

Oh holy shit! I would have flipped my lid!!

Bridgett said...

Yea...this would NOT have made me a very happy camper.

One thing I can't stand is people inviting themselves to my house. HATE THAT.

Look at the bright side though, at least you'll get to spend some time with his kids. :)

Hope you manage to have a Happy Thanksgiving!

As for what I dread on the holiday? Not too much...yet. LOL


Rachel said...

I honestly used to dread family get-togethers with my mothers family. There were always the family members who felt it was their duty to tell someone their dress wasn't flattering or that they should teach their children some manners. It was about the time I discovered alcohol that I began to be able to tolorate those get-togethers. A few beers and rather than mind-blowingly stupid, everyone just seemd funny.

If I were you, I would be angry. It's pretty inconsiderate to invite yourself to someone's home for a meal that's as difficult to plan as Thanksgiving. However, since I'm outside of the situation I'd say just take it in stride. Cook a turkey that's a bit larger, and if your brother brings a dessert (which it sounds like he may even though you told him not to), just set it next to your husband's homemade goodies. Send the rest home with him.

Holidays are much better now that I've declared I won't ever host anything again. The last time I hosted Thanksgiving my brother threw a shoe at me.

PS. Lock up your shoes.

suzypwr said...

Mostly, I just don't do holidays. It's much easier on my system. Good luck to you with lucky 13 guests!! :-)

D said...

Sorry, about your brother. I never got along with my brother but as I've gotten older I've grown to appricate him because he's a really good guy! I still dread family get togethers but not because of my brother. I have bigger issues then him!

Courtney said...

Sure thing. Charlie and I will come and we'll bring the dogs. They love turkey.

Fiona said...

So I really enjoy your comments on Oakbriar Farm. And I thought, "hey, I should go check her out!" So I did. And I found this.

Who knew we have so much in common? In my case, it's a sister, not a brother. But still.

You have my sympathy. Not fun.

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