I need to find my Heatherness

I want to thank all four? five? of you that gave me ideas (and encouragement) for this story. Ironically, the morning after I wrote the last post, I had an idea hit me. But when I was first rolling it around my brain, I thought, "Nah. That's a book. I can't condense that into a short story that is 2000 words or less." Later in the afternoon, I figured it out and got started. It's totally different than any of my other characters or plot lines. When I told my husband about it, he was really impressed. That is saying something. It's pretty raw, but I am hoping to give y'all a sneak peak here pretty soon.

I am in a mood, and that is affecting my blogging. I like to keep this upbeat and positive, but that would be the polar opposite of how I am feeling.

I usually don't worry about what I dream about, but I know that most of my dreams tend to have some sort of significance.However, I thought it was very strange this morning though when my mom called. My dad left this morning to go to my grandmother's in Kentucky. Later in the conversation, I found out my uncle had been there for a couple of days and the other uncle was also on his way. Well, last night (not knowing what was going on in KY or my grandmother) I dreamed that these uncles, my aunts and cousins had gathered but it was my other grandmother that was sick. I couldn't figure out why my dad's side of the family was there for my mom's side.


Is it just me, or does Lisa Renna look like a Bratz doll?

That felt good to get that off my chest....I've only been thinking about it since the Golden Globes.

Happy Birthday to Evie. I am pretty sure her birthday is any second. Hopefully, she doesn't receive one of those vile Bratz dolls.

Big Daddy is off tomorrow. Good things.


Fiona said...

Hey, interesting point about Lisa Rinna.

I think I failed to contribute an idea partly because I don't really know what it's for. Also, I'm not creative like that. But I'll try and be helpful.

The problem with prophetic dreams is that not all dreams are prophetic. So then you sit there wondering about them, and your anxiety can cause more disturbing dreams, which causes more worry...

Hope your grandmother is ok. It's cold up here in KY - but getting warmer starting tomorrow. So that's something.

♥ Jenn ♥ said...

Ha! She does look like a Bratz doll! Geesh.

As for your Gma, I always believe that dreams are a way of telling you something... now, you've got to figure out what that is.

I hope all is okay.


Bridgett said...

Lisa Rinna looks like SOMETHING. The Bratz doll works for me. LOL

I'm looking forward to hearing more about your story.

As for your grandma, I hope all is okay. Keep us updated.


Amy said...

Those Bratz dolls give me the heebies. They look like they're planning a world takeover or something with their evil stare.

monica said...

The Lisa Rinna/Bratz doll connection is wild. Wonder if they had her in mind when they designed it? LOL

I didn't know your Dad is from KY. What part?

I hate having dreams that I sit and think about during my waking hours.

Hope your Gram is okay.

Looking forward to hearing that story.

SarahHub said...

Holy Moley! She does look like those disgusting dolls!

Thanks for the birthday wishes to Evie. We had a really great day and a nice party, which I plan to blog about in this century.

You know, the lady who wrote the Twilight books got her idea from a dream. Just sayin.

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