Lend me your ideas

While I could fill pages and pages on this blog of all the funny little things kids at school say; what a super-sub I am; how well behaved my children are; how all the bills are paid and there is enough money left over buy myself some new clothes; and the fact I have reached my New Year's resolution of losing eighty pounds; you'd get bored with it all and think that I make everything up, right?

Ok. I'll admit it. I sort of exaggerated on the shopping trip. Forgive me?

The truth is I am trying, TRYING to write. I need to submit at least one short story, but I am shooting for four by February 6. I was asked to be a student editor for the school's literary publication, so it might be in my best interest to submit something. Anything. I am about to write Haikus at this point.

I have two partial stories, both very different from each other. One is true, but has a comedic twist, and the other is fiction but based on a true story. The problem is I am stuck on both and not sure where to go with either of them.

So. I am leaving it up to you, the most read, intelligent people I know. Give me subjects you think would make a good story. Who knows? I may write a story for each idea I get.

I am tired of reading books. It's time to write my own.


Bridgett said...

I need to write too.

I'll try and give you some ideas, but I'm having a hard time thinking of my own! LOL


♥ Jenn ♥ said...

Hmm, what about a child that is adopted into a family of a different race?

SarahHub said...

Good Lord! How should I know??? :) Um, how 'bout a snow day?

Rachel said...

I wanted to begin a fiction blog that a bunch of different people could contribute to. Would you be interested in joining? I've titled it "Fiction Friends" which is the cheesiest name I could think of that wasn't already taken.

Since I never write stories anymore, I thought that if there were people holding me accountable for actually posting something, it may make me sit down and create.

Let me know if you'd like to be my FF (that's obviously my abbreviation for Fiction Friend). ;)

I have an idea, but I want it for myself. Sorry...

I will say, that a lot of things that I have read about writing, says that you should create a character first. You could choose a name, create a detailed background for him/her and dream up what sort of mischief the character would get into. I'd suggest just jumping in head-first.

Sara said...

If I were you, (or if you were like me) take a story from your past. Or I can give you stories that have happened to me!

Tricia said...

Writting ideas? Don't look a this way. I stink at those!
Yeah, Im trying to write more, don't hold your breath, but please follow...I'm going to stalk I mean follow you now. =)

Fiona said...

OK. I'll call upon my specialty here. How about writing a fictional story about a real person who lived in the past? Like that book The Other Boleyn Girl.

For instance, you could write about someone doing what you do, under totally different circumstances. I'm thinking about the women who taught freed slaves after the Civil War.

Historical stories lend themselves to interesting formats, too. Like you could write a story entirely in letters.

That's my idea. I'm not good at this stuff, but maybe it will spark something.

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