It's the unexpected that gets you through

Fiona, you are so going to love this....

Yesterday, I am doing a chapter review in Social Studies with the class. It was sort of in depth but it had been ions (or just before Thanksgiving) since they had seen the first three lessons in this chapter.

(Don't ask why they had stopped in the middle of the chapter. I am still boggled at that one.)

Each lesson in this particular chapter is devoted to the specific settlers, starting with the Spanish and working up towards the Puritans.

In the section about the French, I am asking various questions mostly to get them to skim the pages without them realizing they are actually reading. (Big game--the kids love it, Rachel!!)

I can't get them to see where they (French) had settled first--they want to say Louisiana for obvious reasons. So I say, "Where are the majority of the French?"
[historical sidenote-- but we hadn't got the part of Marquette and Joilet's expedition. We were still looking at the Canadian settlements.]

This quiet boy in the back that does everything in his power to avoid all manner of thinking or working shoots his hand up in the air; his face is lit up like the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center. I am proud of myself for getting through to him and as I call on him so I can pat myself on the back, he answers....

"In France."

I had to give him the point. He did, in fact, answer my question.

I only laughed for about five minutes.

My reign of terror ends tomorrow.

I am going to miss the little burgers on Monday when I am shuffled back to third grade.


Fiona said...

Well he was right, right? Good job, little man!

I love it when they pop up with something unexpected. Bonus points if it's correct, just kind of not-what-you-were-looking-for.

Bridgett said...

LOL...I saw that one coming!
This sounds like a fun class.


SarahHub said...

Really? You are going to miss them? They do actually sound fun!

~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu visiting you

Sara said...

I love it!

So right, and yet, not even close! This is why I want to teach elementary!!

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