One Hundred Is An Even Number

Oddly enough, I have had a "100 Things" post in my drafts folder since 2008. Some talk started over such matters in the Social Media Moms group I am in on Facebook. SO, it is time to dust this bad girl off, tweek to fit current times, and share with the world!

May I present,

"100 Things About Me (You May or May Not Know)"


"Yet, Another List"

1. I grew up in Indiana.

2. I would probably still be there had I not had a baby at 18 and my parents were moving here to Tennessee.

3. I hated Tennessee for the first six months or so, but would not move back North now for anything.

4. I am scared of things I can't see (e.g,. the ocean, thick weeds, the dark).

5. I used to want to travel out of the country, but now I don't think I want to cross over the ocean.

6. My first job was at age 13 working at Baskin-Robbins. They laid-me off after only six weeks.

7. If I got called back to work at Baskin, I would turn it down.

8. I auditioned for "Wheel of Fortune."

9. Because I live so close to Nashville, I have met many singers. Mostly old-school Country.

10. I don't listen to country music; it gives me the creeps, unless it's a song that crossed over to pop like "Stay," or "Before He Cheats."

11. There are several movies that I will watch every time one comes on TV including: Drumline, Sleepless in Seattle, You've Got Mail, Castaway, 8 Mile....

12. I have yet to a break a bone :::knock on wood:::

13. I have not traveled west of the Mississippi that I can remember. (There was a camping trip to Missouri when I was two, apparently)

14. Although I love being in college, and fondly look forward to graduation and the day I secure a teaching job, I could be a professional student. There is so much to learn.
(edit 1/17: Graduated in May, 2010. Chose not to pursue teaching at this time.)

15. I wish I could be a surrogate mom.

16. I quit smoking in November of '05. It was the hardest thing I ever did.

17. The only time orange is an acceptable color is during October, but only in little bits.

18. I love candles, but never light them.

19. I don't like gold jewelry.

20. I don't like the blinds closed for any reason. I figure if someone can see in and don't like what they see, they won't look again. Big Daddy is afraid someone WILL like what they see. ::rolls on the floor with laughter::

21. I have a book obsession.

22. I love to iron. It's soothing to me.

23. I may or may not have a slight obsession with office supplies: pens, pencils, decorative papers, notebooks....

24. I prefer to be at home than anywhere.

25. I don't understand "boredom."

26. My husband thinks I am too hard on the kids.

27. I think my husband isn't hard enough.

28. We eat dinner as a family every night that he is home.

29. I make a traditional Sunday dinner every Sunday.

30. We eat out less than once a month.

31. I have married twice and have never had a wedding with all the fixins.

32. If (god forbid) something happens to this marriage, I won't get remarried.

33. I love to cook but hate to bake.
-------(original list actually stopped here. The rest of this list is new! fresh! exciting!)------
34. I just learned to crochet this past Christmas.

35. It is yet another obsession.

36. I am obsessed with learning how to knit with the needles. I received a loom set for Christmas an love it.

37. I can cast-on, but not knit the first row.

38. I am more scared of success than failure.

39. I have an idea for a non-fiction book that I want to write. I feel like it could be picked up. And while there are many books on this particular subject, there are none that I have found written from the perspective I would write it.

40. If I wrote the book, it could potentially implode my family. The truth can be more hurtful than a lie.

41. I will write a book. Fiction, of course. I have one started (again) and all mapped out.

42. I get obsessively jealous when "celebrities" pen a book. Especially when promoting said book on talk show and admit to using a "collaborator."

43. In other words, said "celebrity" did not write the book. Yet, gets paid.

44. I selfishly wish that just ONE time, someone would call/email and say, "Hey. We saw your stuff. We know you've got it. Here's a check. Turn in the first draft by this date. We look forward to working with you."

45. I also selfishly wish that my blog was one that was so widely read, I would have hundreds of comments a day and possibly get invited to a conference.

46. I think the girl that has the same name as I and has already purchased our name as a domain should pair up. She is a web designer.

47. I always wished I had a sister and an older brother.

48. I can not stand the smell of watermelon. From the actual melon or artificial. It makes me want to vomit.

49. I would like to home school my boys. The younger one is all for it, but the older says no because he likes being in band.

50. My husband doesn't think I am qualified to teach our children.

51. My husband thinks I would make a great teacher for other people's children.

52. People tend to tell me their problems.

53. I like listening to people that need to talk.

54. I am horrible about dealing with my own crazy.

55. I love to watch people.

56. I carry a notebook in my pocketbook so I can write down interesting things I see or hear.

57. I make up little stories for people.

58. Little old ladies and men that are holding hands get happy endings always.

59. I am so quiet that people think I am probably a snob or stuck-up.

60. In actuality, I'd like to think I am one of the nicest people you'll meet.

61. Until you cross me.

62. Or mess with my children, husband, or dogs.

63. Then, you will suffer.

64. I work better at night than in the day.

65. Being a mom doesn't allow me to solely work the night shift.

66. I don't like uneven numbers, but I tend to be drawn to uneven situations.

67. Such as, three items in a sentence: I need milk, eggs, and cheese.

68. Flower arrangements are usually in threes or fives.

69. I only birthed three children.

70. I don't like samples at the grocery store.

71. It grosses me out.

72. I have never driven out-of-state without a parent or husband in tow.

73. I wish I could open my home to foster children.

74. I would probably never want them to leave.

75. I would like to own a beach house.

76. It would be my only house.

77. When I pump my gas, I have to make the money amount end on either a 5 or 0.

78. Which is strange given my dislike for odd numbers.

79. In my mind, quarters are even amounts.

80. I have a secret list of jobs I would like to do.

81. I would like to be a health inspector.

82. My husband said that we'd never eat out again if I did.

83. I'd like to work at a publishing house.

84. I'd also like to work on continuity either on a movie or sitcom.

85. I'd also like to be a midwife.

86. I wish TV was like it used to be.

87. Roseanne, Full House, Family Ties, Cosby: I used to love all those shows and more.

88. I feel old when I say, "When I was a kid..." (I am 36.)

89. Certain Publix commercials make me cry.

90. "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole makes me cry, too.

I avoid crowds at all costs.

92. I would still like to be in Times Square on New Year's Eve.

93. I have had three short stories published.

94. My short stories can't be found at Borders, Books-A-Million, or even Goodwill.

95. My first story was unofficially named, "Favorite Prose" by facility members.

96. For the other two, I was given awards. First place on the first, second on the second, oddly enough.

97. I support feminism.

98. I also support chivalry.

99. I am raising two boys that will open and hold a door for not only their lady but a stranger; pay for the date even if she called; respect a lady as his contemporary not as the poor sole condemned to cleaning up his over spray in the bathroom.

100. I will never be amazed at my super powers to predict that the toilet paper is low/out and still manage to leave the next person stocked.

If you'd like to read more 100 things penned by some phenom ladies, be sure to click here, read Jessica's and then follow the links at the bottom.

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The kids have left for school. It's going to be a good day, folks.

Or at the very least, quiet.


Amy said...

4 - me, too!

10 & 11 - me, too!

19 - me, neither!

24 - me, too!

32 - me, neither, although I would be willing to live in sin. LOL

42 - one word. Snooki.

50 - mine, either. and yet....8 years later, they're decent members of society.

54 - Oh, honey..... LOL

70 - ME, NEITHER! omg.....

I know my eloquence astounds you, yes?

Heather said...

Amy, my love for you knows no bounds.

I just *knew* someone would know to which "author/collaborator" I was referring.


all.things.fadra said...

Definitely some similarities. I'm all about silver jewelry for sure. And I want to knit and crochet!!!! And since I always pay by credit card, I fill my gas tank until the pump clicks and then I hang it up. No matter what the dollar amount. It's freeing.

Shana said...

Every time I hear "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole I cry, I will actually bawl uncontrollably sometimes.

Jane said...

Wow - We have many similarities.

#73 - please don't
#74 - Trust me...there are some that can't leave soon enough.

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