If you write it on Facebook, they will see it

It is 10:09 P.M. as I start this post. I should have started at 10:09 (or earlier) this morning, but as everything else in my life, those plans went awry.

Anyway, I have a lot of thoughts that I just need to get out in the open. Why I feel the need to do it in an open forum escapes me, but alas, here we are.

I totally ended that last sentence with a verb. A "to be" verb at that. It's grammatically incorrect, and I can live with it for the moment.


1. Thank you for the input on my new bloggy design. I really like it, but the colors do tend to distract me from time to time. Not that I am looking at my own front page that often, but I don't want anyone not to read because of the design. There have been blogs in the past that I wouldn't return to because I didn't like the design.

Having said that, don't be concerned if it changes....

2. Jennifer Weiner (link opens to her blog) is my hero. She is my inspiration. She is the writer I wish I was. Anyway, I follow her on Twitter. She blogs live every Monday night comments about the "Bachelor." Hilarious. She made two other comments to which I directly tweeted her a comment. While she did not respond, I secretly hoped she would. It may be good she didn't. I would have fallen over dead. And apparently Big Daddy needs my income. The sad pittance it may be....

Now that I think about it, I should probably put some sort of clause in our will stating that should I ever have the chance to communicate with Ms. Weiner, no matter the method, and I find, or rather he finds me dead, HE is NOT allowed to sue her for pain and suffering or any other manner of remuneration he may pick up on one of those judge shows.

3. Yesterday, I had the meeting with a Girl Scout Troop. I was over prepared but not nervous at all! It helped that I knew the girls from school.

Two things I learned from the meeting:
-Be cautious of any thing your post as your status on Facebook. On Saturday, I posted: "Just had a meeting with the small folks. I am resigning as "The Maid" and promoting myself to "The Queen." One of the troop leaders that also happens to be one of my friends said, "So how is being the Queen going?"

At first I was in a panic--she didn't make a comment on that post! I answered her, laughed and moved on.

(It's going well, so far.)

Later, I was passing out business cards to the girls. I told them that if they thought of questions later, they were more than welcome to email me. Even if it was about homework. One girl, whom I had taught when she was in fourth grade said, "How fast do you respond? Are you online a lot?"

I was starting to spit out, "Yes. For work, a lot of time is spent online blah blah blah..." when the other troop leader whom is also my friend on FB said rather frankly, "Yeah. She's online a lot."

Um. Yeah. Alrightly then.

4. There is a long standing argument, not in an ugly way, between Big Daddy and me. While I love that he is my number one fan, his positivity (on this particular subject) grates on my last good nerve. There is going to come a time that one of us will be the victor. Secretly, I hope I win; that means I will have met my writing goals. However, it would seem of late that HE is actually going to be wrong.

It will kill us both (strictly emotionally speaking) if he wins.

I guess we'll see.

Thanks for listening. I know this post is about as clear as mud. Which should give you a clear idea the sheer thickness of thoughts running through my mind at the moment.

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