Spring Semester, 2009

The theme is ridiculous amounts of reading and....

group work.


It's true. I don't play well with others.

Yesterday was the first day of classes for myself. I don't enjoy the first day-at all. Well, I did have two remarkable things happen that I will be sharing at a later date (can't jinx it!), but other than that...bubkis. Nada. Zilch.

Which ironically the amount I have actually typed on my short story that is due February 6.

Focus, Heather.

The reason that I don't enjoy the first day of classes is simple. Syllabi. Many pages of them. That the instructors all feel the need to read. to. us.

I paid $XXXX.XX this semester to have the courses read to me.

I realize there are some high points that need glossed over, laws that have to be mentioned aloud, but for the most part, I'll glance over it on my own time, thanks.

The winner for longest read goes to the history professor. He also wins for most entertaining syllabus. I laughed out loud, when I read this:
Permission To Tape: Permission is granted in advance for students to use recording devices in class for their own individual and group study purposes. However, individuals are cautioned NOT to listen to tapes of this calss while driving an automobile or operating any other type of heavy machinery. Moreover, any rebroadcast of the descriptions and accounts of this class without the expressed written consent of Major League Baseball is prohibited.

Or this...

Obligatory Disclaimer: The views of this History professor do not necessarily represent those of...[identifying information intentenially left out] or probably anyone else for that matter. Furthermore, any resemblance of the characters portrayed in this class to real-life individuals living or dead is intentional.

The winner of shortest read goes to the Music teacher. He said we were going to get started right away, he wasn't going to read the syllabus to us, we were all adults.

Unfortunately his medal was recinded when he placed us, the aforementioned adults, in assigned seats.

He also placed me in the back.

I am 5', by the way.

Every class has vast amounts of reading. I sort of anticipated this when I selected my schedule. This semester I am taking;

American History II
Introduction to Literary Genres. We will also be reading A Farewell to Arms.
Music Appreciation
Astronomy--we have a class blog!

It's only 13 hours, but I think it will be tougher than last semester. Interesting, but tough. Also, every class mentioned much group work. I don't do groups. I know they are beneficial, and all that, but...well...I am sort of peculiar when it comes to my grades.

Let's just leave it at that.

Have a wonderful evening. I have reading to do while I answer the phone and order various and assundry acne meds, insurance information, in.auguration coins, and gold envelopes.


Bridgett said...

Your history teacher sounds like a hoot!

I agree...group work sucks.

Have fun answering phones!!!! :)


SarahHub said...

I think the History prof sounds hilarious! And I don't do well with group work, either. No one else is as smart as I.

Shanilie said...

Just browsing and landed on your blog. Really enjoying myself. Please pop by my blog any time if you would like. Good luck with your stufies!

Fiona said...

Great stuff on that syllabus...I might have to borrow the idea.

You're so funny, though. Good students always snort when we do certain things, but they don't realize that the not-so-good students are the intended audience.

I know you'd read the syllabus, but literally half of my students *never* read it. So unless I tell them what's in it, they have no idea. And *even when* I tell them what's in it (I don't read it) and then reinforce that every class for weeks, they miss major points ("oh, do we have a book due today?"). It's frustrating.

Some professors give a quiz on the first day, testing your knowledge of the syllabus. Others make students sign the last page, affirming that they read and understood it. See? It could be worse.

Your schedule sounds like a challenge, but at least there's a lot of variety!

suzypwr said...

I hope your grandma is OK. I just spent a good hunk of the morning catching up on your blog - I still think your current term will not be that bad unless the astronomy instructor is really heavy into physics :-)


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