The verdict

Hey y'all.

How's everyone doing?

I just wanted to pop on here for a moment to update the status of my grandma. After much testing, complaints, and rumor has it, some nasty attitude from my dad, the final diagnosis came in Friday.

She had a mini-stroke.

I guess after much complaining about her leg hurting, and US was showing nothing, an OT came in and did some testing. S/he determined that she had significant weakness on her left side and ordered an MRI. It showed up when it was read on Friday morning.

There were other complications that were making it hard for them to make a diagnosis, and she had other things going on at the same time that were unrelated.

She is getting better and at some point this week she'll be transferred to a rehabilitation facility to get more intense therapy. She is a care giver herself--her husband has Parkinson's--so getting her healthy is job one.

The best part is that everyone is confident that she will recover quite well, and no one would even know she had suffered a stroke. She is determined to recover because having a stroke is/was her worst fear.

I just want to thank you all for your good thoughts and vibes for her recovery. They certainly worked. :)

Also, I learned that getting medical information from the disgruntled daughter-in-law (ie., my mom) may not be the best idea.

Have a wonderful Tuesday.


Bridgett said...

A full recovery is wonderful news!
I'm so glad she's okay, Heather.
Thanks for letting us all know.


SarahHub said...

I'm so glad you all finally know what happened, and that she'll make a full recovery!


Fiona said...

Fingers crossed for a full recovery. It's so nice to finally get an answer.

Courtney said...

I'm sorry to hear that, but I'm glad it was a small one -- my grandpa had a huge stroke years ago and actually recovered very well. Your grandma should have no problems, I'm sure. Positive vibes her (and your!) way.

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