Have insomnia? Read this.

I saw something today that I never thought I'd see.

I mean, I had heard rumors and had seen pictures, but in the back of my mind I thought it was all fiction; the figment of someone's imagination.

Y'all, today I saw the SUN. It was a glorious sight. Not to mention, we needed something to burn off the thick blanket of fog we chopped our way through this morning.

We had early dismissal today. Never was I more thankful than I was today. I was in a fifth grade class that apparently has given up on ever.shutting.their.mouths. What was clearly laid out first thing this morning (once we got the 'there will be NO pinching' business out of the way) to be a good day was ruined by their incessant talking. I tried to reason with them, but they made their choice. They'll be sorry tomorrow. They were warned....

Taking my med at night seems to be ok so far. Last night I took the first one, and I got the usual 'headache' that I have been getting, but it was stronger. Then my arms and legs felt as if they were separate from my body. It was a surreal feeling; it totally freaked Big Daddy out. Within the hour, I was feeling better and by 9:15 was asleep.

Sounds glorious, doesn't it?

Did you know that it is still dark at 1 am? And 2? 3? 4? I woke up and COULD NOT GO BACK TO SLEEP.

I was hot..BD was snoring (how does he snore ON HIS STOMACH?)...I kept dreaming about electrons and photons...I was thirsty...The cat was determined to lay on my legs... It was just not a night for sleep. Finally, I gave up at 4 and got up-made coffee, checked email, and watched the news. I looked up the info on my medicine again. I thought it was supposed to keep me awake, but it said it may cause sleepiness. I mis-read that last week. It seems to rev me up, which may be another reason I couldn't sleep well. We'll see how it goes tonight. Of course, I took advantage of being home early and may or may not have taken a nap.

If I wake up tonight, I'll read Oedipus the King again, which I blame for making sleepy this afternoon.

I hope everyone had a Happy St. Patty Day. I am part Irish (surprised?) so go ahead and kiss me.




kathi said...

I hope you get some sleep tonight. I messed up and took a nap this evening on accident and I am wide awake now too. :( I sure was glad to see the sunshine here today too.

Amy said...

I feel for you. Jesse can snore sleeping every way possible. I'm usually teetering between hysterical crying and homicide laying there listening to him snore like a foghorn.

I'd share my Ambien with you, but it gives you weird dreams, too.

Ah well....everything should level out soon.

Bridgett said...

Men can snore in any position, I'm convinced.

I do hope you're able to sleep better tonight. Good luck!


SarahHub said...


I love the sun!

And I'll think of you when I'm lying awake in bed tonight...

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