Blah blah blah blah

Spring Break is over.

Boo. Hiss.

I read three of my five books. I did start Revolutionary Road but it is deep and has to be read slowly. And I haven't picked it up in two or three days. I am only on page 60-something. It is due back on the 18th, and I had thought I would just re-new. But if I have learned anything from the past semesters, once we have a break, the instructors suddenly realize we only have 6 weeks or so and go into hyper drive.

I'll probably have 13 tests, 7 quizzes, and 14 papers due in the next two weeks.

Obviously the break didn't go as planned, but it may have been for the best. Also, I have to go up in my dosage of medicine today. The lower dose makes me feel funny for an hour or two after I take it. I think perhaps I will take it at night as opposed to the morning. Anyone have any suggestions on this?

It is supposed to be cloudy for the rest of the week. It was cloudy all last week but raining. I am so ready for the spring.

It is 7:41 and I haven't even started getting ready for school.

Nicholas got mad at me this morning because he had to get his ironed clothes from downstairs. I didn't say anything to him like I normally would have. Quick! Call child services! I am not sure where I am going wrong with that kid, but his attitude STINKS. Careful observation of the fourth grade shows that this seems to be "normal" behavior. We need to nip this in the bud. I can't have it knowing that I still have one more child to go through fourth grade.

I guess that is all. I just needed to get my thoughts out, I guess. I better hurry and get ready so I can hear all about how Buffy went to the beach, Tiff slept until noon every day, or whatever else these twenty-somethings with no responsibilities just HAD to do last week.

Do have a wonderful Monday.


Fiona said...

It's typical Spring Break reading. I got through 60 pages of one book, started another, and totally ignored two more. Wah.

And today, the madness begins again, with appointments and other obligations through Saturday. As for the weather, when you see Monday's forecast and it says "fog," that's not good. Fog, all day? Grrr....

Amy said...

I take Lexapro, and 10mg is good for me, but when the doctor tried to increase it (to 20), I tried it out for a week, but I kept getting dizzy/nauseous, so I went back down to the 10 and I'm feeling fine. I don't know why she upped it. Whatever. Anyway, I take it at night, so if it makes me sleepy, no big....'cause I'm supposed to be at night.

Courtney said...

I do not envy your busy schedule. I did almost nothing every semester. Even during breaks I couldn't seem to relax and stop worrying. I can't imagine how I'll be able to get back into the swing of things when I return in the fall. I wish they'd just give me an honorary degree and let me take classes when I want to.

Bridgett said...

That was the fastest spring break EVA!

Hope it's going well back in school!


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