Snips and snails, and puppy dogs' tails...

My son's teacher is pregnant with her first child. Last week she went in for the ultrasound almost every mom looks forward to--determining the sex of the child. She had fingers crossed for a girl, and I assured her she was having a girl; I had only guessed wrong one other time.

She is, in fact, having a "stinky ol' boy." (Her words, not mine.)

I really felt for her emotions. I have a girl. I have a boy that I just KNEW was going to be a girl, and I cried (I mean BAWLED) when I found out the last was another boy.

Then I started thinking about all the things that come with being the mom of boys that I would have never experienced had I gotten my way of having only girls.

Shirts in primary colors and whimsical animals.
HotWheels. (Mommy's back makes a great race track!)
Finding rocks in the washer.
The way his hair sticks up at the crown in the morning.
Finding joy in dirt. (That joy unfortunately does not extend to the living room carpet.)
Riding bikes.
Soccer games.
They way they need "only Mommy" when they are sick.
When they bring you a bouquet of dandylions, wild onions, and clover.
The joy of a frog in the yard.
A boy and his dog.
The color blue.
Handprints on every painted surface. (Ok, that does get old, but from time to time it is sweet.)
Army men.

The list continues to grow as they do. I know that she is going to make a great mom. In time, she will find the joy that I have found over the last ten years....


Fiona said...

I didn't have a preference, but having a boy has been great. I like blue, anyway, so that was a nice excuse to buy things that were blue.

Can we ask, though, what's going on in that last picture? GI Joe yoga?

Heather said...

Oh.. the fancy army men. Strange happenings with those fellows. I had cleaned house earlier that day and that evening we went out. On our return, that was the first thing I saw. I would have laid (layed? lain?) good money down that the table was clean when I left.

Well, those fancy army guys had themselves quite a time whilst we were out, I am sure. We were thinking it was some N'Sync boy band scandal or something. Don't ask, don't tell and all that.

(I also sanitized the table after they were escorted away. Didn't want to take any chances...)

Bridgett said...

I wanted a boy! I was THRILLED when I found out my firstborn would wear baby blue. :)

But I have to confess...buying clothes for Autumn is MUCH more fun. LOL

Boys, girls...the love is the same. No matter if there is a 'y' chromosome or not, they're still your child. She'll LOVE that boy when it's delivered and she'll wonder why she ever wanted a girl in the first place :)

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