Just a little 'me' time

When other moms tell you that you should take some time for yourself from time to time, "It will make you a better mom",I always assumed it was meant for adult conversation, manicures(or the luxurious mani/pedi combo), or even private bra shopping.

Ladies, don't forget your health. Namely-dental health.

Over the years I have had the oh-so rare moments of guilt-free, only for Mom, alone time. All of, I'd say, three times. Not once in those times did I go to the dentist.

Now, I am paying. Both, figuratively and literally.

I had a tooth that had been bothering me for quite some time. Just a year or so, and nothing that wasn't tolerable, just more annoying than anything. I knew it had a cavity, but really thought maybe I'd be OK. I was telling myself I'd go and have it looked at when "we had more money."

You know, in these hard economic times....

So, about three weeks ago, I am heading home and was eating a snack. I felt something weird behind this tooth that has been bothering me. Using my fingernail, I try to pry it out, and then the pain started.

Long story short, I Big Daddy decided that I can't wait anymore. We don't have a dentist (the kids go to a pediatric dentist) and like most Americans, I call the one with the prettiest ad in the Yellow Pages. Plus they are on TV!

I couldn't get in to them until April. I guess that fancy advertising is working.

I call another one in our town, and it just so happened that it is my parents' dentist. After a quick name drop, I am in like Flynn the very next Tuesday.

Just to set the scene further here, it has been something like 17 years since I have been in the torture reclining chair. In that time I have had three children. I read somewhere about 10 years ago that prenatal dentistry care is important because of calcium leaching or something like that.

To say I was embarrassed was an understatement. She picks and roots around for awhile, assures me "it's not that bad" and counts five cavities. The kids still don't know. Shh...

Then tells me that she can fix the one that is hurting but the others will have to wait...nerve block...numbing....time..tenderness...blahblahblah And I opt (after coaching from her) to go that route.

Today, was part two. She was going to fix the remaining four because they were surface cavities.

Y'all. It took 5 vials of whatever it was to numb my molar/jaw. Three times she had to stop and re-medicate because I COULD FEEL IT.

By the time she got done, I thought my face had melted onto my shirt. I was numb from my eye, down the outside of my face, the left side inside my mouth/tongue, and even my ear and down my neck. She could have done major surgery.

Oh! And because I had so much medication, she wouldn't do the tooth on the right, I HAVE TO GO BACK.


And the money I was worried about? Yeah. The tooth that was fixed two weeks ago is going to cost us about $125. Today, I got extra medication and three teeth done. Maybe we can bundle.

I still have one to go! In April I will go back for a cleaning.A little bass-ackwards, isn't it? Cleanings are free, though. Score one for us.

I guess I should have thought about that 17 years ago. For now, I will curl up with an ice pack for a jaw that doesn't want to open, my Lit book, and the comfort of knowing I got some "me" time.

Tomorrow, I am changing my major to Dentistry. And ordering some Bonvia.


Sara said...

I attended a meeting with the evil beings that are the "teeth people" yesterday. I didn't wait 17 years between visits, but it sure seems just as bad!

Rachel said...

Sister, I'm right there with ya. The last dental thing I did was to go directly to the oral surgeon and have 5, count them FIVE teeth pulled. One was a wisdom tooth, but the rest were broken and cavity ridden.

We never have money, so I will have the flex spending plan through work. That means, as of April 1, I have to make dental appointments. I am not scared of the dentist, but I HATE the dentist.

The smell, the sounds, the sights. ::shudder:: Knowing you did this gives me a tiny bit of strength.

SarahHub said...

I used to be an anti-dentite, too. But now I have a great dentist, and I NEVER miss a check-up. Did you know they can just use sand to "blow away" a cavity if you catch it early enough? No pain medication needed at all. Much better than a root canal...

I'm glad you made it through. I'll bet your appointment in April goes much better!

Oh, and going to the dentist does not count as time for yourself. I can't really say what does count, as I don't do it, either. I just know the dentist chair does not qualify.

~PakKaramu~ said...

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Amy said...

When I lived in FL, I had gone to one of those 'it's on TV so it must be alright' dental places. The bitch made me cry droning on and on about how my teeth were going to fall out because I had SUCH gingivitis. I switched dentists, and the new one was like 'what? All you need is a deep cleaning.' oh. my. gawd.

Bridgett said...

This is something I tend to neglect too...I haven't been to the dentist in about 4 years. I'm really due for a good cleaning.

Sorry to hear your face melted though. LOL

Seriously, I HATE the way I feel after being numbed. It sucks.

Hang in there, you've got the worst out of the way.


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