All the kids are doing it...

Spring Break for the collegiate masses is here my friends.

I was sitting in Music waiting for class to start, and I could hear two girls (mostly because they were quite loud--why is that??) talking about missed opportunities for a vacay in the coming week.

"I was totally going to go to Orlando with Soandso, but I haven't worked, like, since August."
"Girl. I know. I was going to C.hattanooga to visit Whatername, but she is like having an issue or something and called the other night and said we couldn't come.
"Aww. That's too bad."
"Yeah. So I guess I'll catch up on schoolwork or something."
"Well text me next week and maybe we can go do something if you are totally bored."
"Oh! I will! I know I will be bored."

Please note that neither girl wondered if Whatshername was ok, or if they should stage some sort of intervention, or check on her. Nothing. The only problem was lack of plans. I can only assume the schoolwork will not be getting caught up on either.

I am giggling to myself, thinking about how their ideals on an awesome Spring Break were slightly different than my own.

"I am going to totally clean the house from top to bottom! All the closets need to be reorganized and drawers, too! I might even wash and wax the car if it gets to 60 like they said it would! And you know what else will be so awesome? I can go to bed each night and not dream of allegory, or Woodrow Wilson, or electomagnetic gases NOT TO MENTION that I can go to sleep at 8:30 if I want!"

Then I realized that I have never been in college where I wasn't someone's mother. I wonder if I have missed something...

(Doubt it.)

I am going to do some studying especially History and Astronomy. One day I am going with my dad to Kentucky to talk to my grandmother for a research paper. I already know that I am working Monday and most likely Thursday. But you know what I am most excited about?


I went to the public library yesterday and grabbed one book at school today. Here is the list:

The Perks of Being a Wallflower -already started it and love it!
Little Earthquakes -it is possible that I have read this, but Jennifer Weiner is my favorite so I grabbed it anyway.
Revolutionary Road
sTori Telling- don't judge. I also just saw she has a new book out April 1, Mommywood.
The Secret Life of Bees

Ten (counting today) days to read totally for pleasure. Pure bliss, I tell you.

Hey, I may go all Moms Gone Wild and get some of that 'me' time I hear so much about...


Bridgett said...

I've read The Secret Lives Of Bees. It's good. The rest, I haven't read.

Enjoy your spring break, babe! I'll fly right by.


Fiona said...

I've also read the Secret Lives of Bees. Pfft.

I have not, of course, read Tori Spellings' book. But I'm not judging (much).

Over spring break, I'll be reading, too. In fact, maybe we can make a little blogging circle on this one...

Amy said...

ROFL - Moms Gone Wild

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