guy at Game Stop;
I am sure you had the best of intentions when you immediately told your co-worker to assist the customer as she was entering the store. While he is assisting aforementioned customer, don't turn away from me in the middle of my question to start helping said customer. In answer to your snide remark to co-worker, I didn't buy the game BECAUSE OF THAT.

girl that sits behind me in Lit;
You are there. You participate. We get it. Quit clearing your throat every four seconds.

Lit instructor;
Thank-you for allowing me to re-submit my essay. That sentence fragment and possessive noun was bothering me. A lot.

table of students in library;

guy walking in the library;
please pick up your feet.

Big Daddy;
I love you. I am sorry you are so tired. I hope your day off Friday is a good one.

I love you, too. Please pick up after yourselves. I am your mother, not the maid.

Beef O'Brady's;
the sign should read: Mondays 7-8, not Monday's 7-8. Monday does not own 7-8.

partner in Astronomy Lab;
I am sorry I snipped at you. I wanted to get out as early as you did. But "blah, blah, blah" doesn't tell us where to click.

girl in bathroom;
You didn't wash your hands. Perhaps you forgot? Thank-you for getting your drink out of the Pepsi machine since I was going to the Coke machine. I hope you don't work in food service.

Help. Need money.

employers needing at-home workers;
Help. Need job.

B.ucky Covington (and fans);
I am sorry that I don't care for Country music. Kudos to you for having the opportunity to do what you love. Everyone should be so lucky.

Less ice is more.

giant chocolate bunny;
Quit calling my name. I am ignoring you for a reason.

Quit knocking my books off the bottom shelf. It isn't cute anymore.

Thanks for stopping by!


SarahHub said...

Dear Heather:

You crack me up. How do you think of these things?

Amy said...


::hug hug::

♥ Jenn ♥ said...

Heather, thanks for the laugh... have a good weekend :)

Bridgett said...


Hey, a girl sometimes HAS to write her true thoughts...and I think you should do it more often.

TOO funny!


Rachel said...

Holy crap! I stopped by Sonic last Saturday during "happy hour" for my half priced Route 44, and it was FULL of ice. You couldn't bend the cup in at all. I thought it was a crappy Sonic. Do you think they made a new rule? ACK!

Rachel said...

Sarah stole my comment. I guess I should get here earlier.

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