I am not sure why I am tired

Today in the life of me:

5:00am Alarm goes off. Big Daddy hits the snooze.

5:09am See above.

5:18am Ditto.

5:27am I manage to get up, potty, make coffee, and feed the cat.

5:33am Eat breakfast and check email.

5:47am Get first cup of coffee

6:00am Wash hair so it will start to dry before I have to get ready.

6:10-6:35am Make lunches, breakfast,and iron clothes.

6:35-7:00am Make-up, hair, dress. Answer knocks at the door THREE times.

7:00-7:05 Decide whether my new Old Navy flip-flops look ok.

7:06 Head out the door

7:16-8:00 Prepare for the day in a room nearly the temperature of the surface of the Sun. (Which is 5,800 K in case you were wondering.)

8:00-3:25 goodmorninghowareyou?youneedtogetstarted?thereisnotalking
(and so on and so forth)


3:30-4:30 Prepare the inferno for the sub tomorrow. Finally go home.

4:40-7:00 help with homework. Grade three sets of papers. Do astronomy homework. Talk to Big Daddy on the phone. Make dinner. Sign papers. Sign agendas. Drink about seven gallons of water to combat the dehydration.

7:00-9:00 Watch Biggest Loser and resist temptation to eat cookies.

9:10 Break down and eat a cookie. (or two.)

9:15-9:30 Talk to Big Daddy again.

9:32 Grab Lit homework to complete take home test.

9:33 Pick up laptop and type "blogger" in the search box.


How was your day?


Fiona said...

Holy Dookie! That's some day. And to think I was feeling sorry for myself because today I need to drop stuff at the library and Goodwill. Wah, poor me.

Girl, you need a cookie.

Bridgett said...

Girl...your day starts WAY too early!


I don't crawl my lazy ass out of bed until 6:30. LOL


Ms.Emily said...

man I would need coffee alllllll day for that


hope you get an extra cookie and some good nights rest :)

SarahHub said...

I'm exhausted just reading that... And I thought I had a busy day taking Evie for a haircut, shopping for clothes to fit my almost-but-not-quite-showing body, and picking up my new prescription for morning sickness. You have me beat by a mile.

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