Fun with the Son. And Sun.

This just in...

It is 9:05 and I just sent Nicholas up for a shower.

(Bedtime is 8:30.)

(Homework is not done.)

I am thinking that if he doesn't get it done in the morning while I get class ready, I won't see him on the playground.

Of course it's MY fault he didn't get done. I made him eat dinner. Darrin was making noise. He was cold. The cat meowed. The moon is in a crescent phase. James Earl Jones was the voice of Darth Vader. Samuel Jackson is in movies he can't see.

Every four mintues, I was saying AS I SAT AT THETABLE WITH HIM (working on my own blog homework), "Nicholas, get on track," or "Nicholas, you need to focus."

It'll be a wonder if I don't get a call from c.hild services tomorrow.

In other ho-hum news, this just occurred to me as ironic. I hope you can appreciate it as much as I am....

Today we had a test in Astronomy. Lit instructor let us out early to "work on the take home test." My Astro partner happens to be in Lit, so we decided to use the next hour wisely, sit outside and study-- Astronomy. As we are going through the three chapters, we decided he wouldn't ask us much about the Sun.

Fast forward....

Half the test was on the sun.

I am sun burnt.

(not evenly, I'd like to add)


Bridgett said...

LOL...I get the irony. And I likey!

Aloe!! Use aloe.

And I'm still giggling about all Nicholas's excuses. LOL

Sara said...

Oh dear! (On both of those!)

And are you sure he didn't get his homework done because he had to BREATHE? And breathing is just too time consuming to do anything else?!

Ms.Emily said...

Oh man hope his homework got done :)


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