Maybe this won't be on my permanent record

Big Daddy and I have a philosophy when it comes to people and their professions. I don't want to accidentally offend anyone and it certainly doesn't apply to everyone so I won't give examples.

Could I be anymore vague? (Channeling Chandler from "Friends")

Nicholas drives me crazy on a daily basis when it comes to his homework. Now, this kid is in the fourth grade. The routine has been set since he was in Kindergarten, and HELLO! he is not the oldest child.

The afternoon goes: come in, get homework out, grab snack and drink, go potty as needed, commence with homework until complete, get agenda signed put away backpack.

There is no variance. It is the same. Every. Day.

This kid can't get it through his head to just sit down and get his stuff done. He HATES (and I am using the full-fledged, emphasis on the word 'hate') math. He will puff and huff, groan and belly-ache until bedtime.

It's ALWAYS something with this kid.

(And for the record...we just got phase-two sent home today. He is being tested for giftedness. So it's not like the kid doesn't get it. He totally does. Tested ABOVE average last year.)

Just tonight it was a belly-ache. Then it was a headache AND belly-ache. And not ten minutes ago he was saying that the laundry soap was making him sick. (I have the washer going, of course.)

This goes on at least once a week. It is ridiculous. He has a reward waiting if he'd JUST GET IT DONE. Big Daddy was off today and bought some stuff to plant in the yard.

(Please don't ask me what they are. All I know is pink, red, green and viney).

Tomorrow I go in for my first day of MY fourth grade class (today I had a sub--oh the irony!) and can you imagine if they ALL had a belly-ache/headache/soap smells too much/ or whatever stall tactics they could think up?

I can lead 24 other 10-year olds, but am lost on my own....


Tricia said...

What kinda plants did big daddy buy?LMAO jk.
I still giggle with hubbys name, i should use it. haah

Fiona said...

I like pink and viney! Sounds pretty.

Sorry about the laundry soap tragedy. It must be hard for him to soldier on, in the face of such terrible, terrible suffering. I'm sure you weep for him, in secret.

Bridgett said...

I thank the Goddess everday that Parker doesn't have much homework yet. I can't imagine how he'll be when that day comes.

When he leaves the school building, he wants nothing to do with school work of any kind. It's like pulling teeth (not that I have to do that...they seem to be falling out on their own just fine).

And yes, he has the usual assortment of belly-aches, headaches, and 'foot boo-boo's' too. LOL


Ms.Emily said...

I use to be this way, lol

hopefully he will be "okay" the rest of the week


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