Having a TON of fun

Yesterday at school, the kids had a field day of sorts to celebrate the end of the TCAP tests.
It was awesome. Last year, our previous principal would have expected business-as-usual.

Anyway, I was in third grade and when it was our grade level's turn for kickball, I took the girls and had our own game and the boys played with the gym teacher. I played for both teams and did the pitching. Towards the end, they thought it would be fun if I kicked and they tried to get me out.

I made a run and got out once.

And today, I am feeling it. How sad is that?

I'd better get in shape or I'll end up like the other SEVEN teachers that sat on the hill and watched me have fun with their kids. They don't know what they missed. We even had a couple of rogue boys try and get in our super-cool and fun game.

Now that I think about it, one of those teachers had a camera.


In case you are interested, I have a new post up at Making a Mommy. A list of sorts...


Rachel said...

That sounds fun!
I for one was always a hop-scotch girl myself, but I dreamed of being a star kickballer.
You sound like a fun teacher!

Bridgett said...

I bet the kids call you the 'cool' teacher. :)

Ms.Emily said...

i bet you are the cool teacher too! :)

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