Two things on the agenda this evening:

I've got myself a little bloggy gig. Thanks to Bridgett, I am a contributor of Making a Mommy. There is some serious talent in there. I am lucky Kadi invited me. :)Tonight, I read that "Supernanny", Jo Frost has been by the blog! That is like what? Two degrees of separation to an actual celebrity.

I didn't have anything of substance to write about tonight, but after reading Rachel's entry, it made me think of something funny. Since my husband have been married for 10 years and one month today, the timing is perfect.

You remember those early days of a relationship? When you do everything you can to impress him. And avoid doing things that are human-like? Like pee, pass gas, burp, ect?

That's where we were. We'd been talking for a couple of months. Our first "offical" date had been like a week or two prior. Somehow we came up with the idea that I would cook dinner, and he'd come to my place.

I am not sure what possessed me to do that. Probably show him that I was capable of cooking. And why I picked beans, fried potatoes, and cornbread is BEYOND me. Probably the fact that this was my pre-ability to cook. Also, I was a vegetarian. Who knows?

He asked me the day of what I was making. When I told him he said, "You did remember the turnip greens, right?"

(I thought I was going to die.)

(I had never made turnip greens.)

(The very smell of that whole family of greens makes me gag.)

So, wanting to impress him, I go to the store, take the chicken way out and bought a couple of boxes of frozen.

I cooked them.

I served them.

He laughed. Like rolling on the floor-peeing-his-pants-laughing.

About an hour later he said, "I was only kidding. I hate greens."

I think that is when I knew I was going to marry him. It was that sense of humor. And that I would NEVER have to cook greens again.

That was the last time that I didn't get "it." But every once in a while, I let him think he got me.

Good times.


Sara said...

This makes me laugh hysterically!!

And I think I missed that period of time with my hubby. We were friends first, so he totally knew what a fantastic belcher I am!

SarahHub said...

Love it!

Bridgett said...

Gotta love a man with a sense of humor! :D


Bridgett said...

Oh,and I read about Jo Frost! How cool is that? LOL

I'm glad you're enjoying that blog..I know I enjoy reading it. I just have so much on my plate now with my Holistic Blog, my Chic Chat blog, my Boo blog, and my Discovering Parker blog, I wasn't ready or willing to tackle another right now.

I couldn't have given it the attention it deserves.

But I'm very happy I got some of my best writer friends to participate.


Ms.Emily said...

oh man !!! lol

oh and i was wondering if that was you over at mommy mentors

:) i was right yay :) lol


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