This, that, and another

I have clicked on Blogger no less than ten times in the last week only to have written a sentence or two, decided it was too bland, and hit delete. Real life has just not been that interesting. I guess that is why I write fiction.

Last day of school was really nice. I have always worked on the last day, but this one topped them all. I only cried twice and both times it was in the morning. I made them a each a certificate. I wish I could get it to upload here. They were cute.

The boys are really glad school is out. Yesterday they declared they were bored. I fixed that and they probably won't ever say they are bored again in their life.

The girl is NOT glad school is out. Well, she is glad the work is over, but school being out meant her boyfriend graduated last night. He is leaving Friday for Michigan and staying the whole summer. (YAY! WHOO-HOO! HALLELUJAH! MY DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE!!)


So she is sullen and moody and I am over that already. We can't get her to see that since he is choosing to leave the state, stay with his grandma so he can play all summer may not be a good choice on his part. Mature folks that aren't self-centered would stay home, get a job, and prepare to start college in the fall. At least that is our opinion.

Yesterday and today are teacher work days. The principal is mixing things up for the next school year and has made some new teacher assignments. Even those staying in the same grade level are moving a bit. The teacher I took over for is one that is moving. So, I have been packing things for her. She called me yesterday and is coming to help me today. Or I am helping her. Something. Anyway, It has been interesting what one accumulates over 33 years of teaching. Not to mention the dust. I have sneezed no less than one hundred times.

Tomorrow is report card day which is actually a "school day". I am excited and nervous at the same time. I don't know why.

My grandmother underwent heart surgery yesterday. She only had a 25% chance of making it through, but she soared right through according to my dad. She'll be in ICU for a couple of weeks. By tomorrow we are hoping to know for sure that she didn't suffer another stroke or any other malady during the 10-hour procedure.

My dad works for GM. I think you all know the trouble the company is suffering. We are hoping his plant is not one that gets shut down. I hope no plant gets shut down. If they could just ride out this bad economy, things will get better. History has shown that.

So, that is the happenings at our house. The excitement is palpable, isn't it?

Have a wonderful Wednesday.


Fiona said...

Oh, best wishes for your grandmother and your dad.

Good luck with your daughter. I dread those issues.

Amy said...

I've been feeling a little 'Tsk', myself.... By the end of the summer, we should be ready to fling ourselves off a cliff, huh?

Bridgett said...

Wonderful news about your grandma!

And GM...and I just don't know what to think about them. I can't help but wonder if these car company CEO's would have focused more on environmentally friendly cars when they had the chance, if they'd still be in this pickle?

As for the daughter situation...good luck on that one! LOL


Sara said...

I'm from a GM town, I know the feeling of wondering if your relatives are going to still have a job.

And the daughter thing makes me laugh, because that is so me in 12 years!

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