When I was a kid, we didn't even have CDs. And I had to walk uphill both ways

One day last week, and I have blocked that day from my mind because it was that bad, both Jessica and Nicholas were in ill-moods. Like from the time they opened their eyes.

Jessica was mad she had to be the fountain girl on a Friday (oh, I did remember!) and thought it would be busy. There was something else I can't remember.

Nicholas was just mad at everything and anything. And he was so dang dramatic about it, too.

"Boys, are easier than girls." Psht. I don't think so.

At one point, I told Big Daddy I was going to the store. He said, "For what?"

"Kotex and Midol."

"Um. Ok." He was confused, and the mention of feminine products makes him jittery anyway. Especially when he knows it isn't for me.

I said, "Yeah. I am getting prepared because Nicholas is bound to start his period any second."

So, all day I am walking around on eggshells hoping not to waken the beast. I am not one to say, "Oh, he is just growing," or "Boys will be boys." I figure if I can teach him to control and direct his frustration in a productive way, we'll avoid much more serious drama later down the road.

Later in the afternoon, and when I say later, I mean like 8:00, he is more like the sweet, tender boy he can be. I am complimenting him on something he did. He looks at me all sweet-like, and I say to him, "You know. I understand that it's hard. I was your age at one time."

He starts giggling and says, "Yeah, but that was a long time ago before you had technology."

"We had technology, but it was different just like it will be different when you have kids. It's always changing."

He thinks about this for a second, and then asks, "Well, did you at least have a color TV?"

I nearly wet myself laughing. "How old do you think I am? Even PawPaw and MawMaw (my parents, age 54) had color TV."

(Not to confuse him, I didn't mention it wasn't until THEY were 10.)

Of course, he'll never understand. This is the kid that thinks that black and white movies were made in the '80s.

I guess it's all the technology that makes 'em cranky.


Sara said...

Technology makes ME cranky! Poor guy, it is tough being a kid these days, with all the rechargable batteries taki "forever" to recharge!

Side note: If you cannot gripe about things on your blog it makes my job pointless. Plus I am nosey and want to know what you need to gripe about.

Other side note: iPhone typed "thong" instead of "things" and "grope" instead of "gripe". Me thinks this phone has a dirty mind!

Amy said...

My kids cannot fathom that when I was a kid, we only had 4 channels.

Bridgett said...

Technology makes me cranky too. I don't even have a cell phone because I hate being so accessible.

But I'm like Amy. We didn't have cable so far into the country and digital TV wasn't invented yet...so we had 4 VERY HAZY channels.

Other than typing classes in high school, I didn't even really use the internet until college.

Yea...I'm slow to adapt.

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