Maybe one day *I'll* be the celebrity

We had to take Jessica to the airport yesterday morning. She didn't have to be there until 8:25, but we were afraid of getting the commuter traffic. On a clear day, we can make it in about 40 minutes, but in order to keep from getting caught in traffic, we left around 6:35.

We stood in a REALLY long line, got myself an escort pass, and made it through security by 7:50.

Don't ever accuse us of being late.

After I got over my initial nervousness of putting my first born child on an airplane, I thought, "Hey! It's the Monday after a holiday. Let's be on the lookout for some celebrities!"

Low and behold, just mere seconds after my thought, I indeed did spot one:

If you aren't fortunate enough to get WKRN, which services all of Middle Tennessee, then you may not recognize this fellow. He is none other than Meteorologist D@vis Nol!n.

Jessica said we should ask him for his autograph.

I was holding out for someone else.

(I should have taken her suggestion. Although, the second time I saw him heading into Burger King, I smiled. He looked angry.)

Since we were so early, we decided to get some breakfast. Now, I wasn't really hungry as the boys and I ate before we left. Remember, I thought we'd get caught in traffic. My pessimism told me that had I counted on eating at the airport we'd either; a) be super late and have no time, b) everything would serve dinner food and be closed, or c) something else really crappy would happen.

Jessica isn't a big fan of breakfast but was hungry so we went in search of food. Now, why she wanted to walk to her terminal at C20 and THEN decide she was hungry where we ended up going back to like C1 to eat is beyond me. She wanted to eat at O'Charlie's.

Let me tell you, I need to set up a shop in the airport. Four drinks, one bag of shaken donuts and dip and a breakfast quesadilla (OMG that thing was delish!) set me back TWENTY-FIVE FLIPPIN' BUCKS NOT INCLUDING THE TIP.

For realz.

Maybe that's why the weatherguy was kickin' it at Burger King.

Then, because my honor student couldn't remember to take her medicine with breakfast and a $2.59 fountain Pepsi, I had to buy her a bottle of water.

That was $2.59 plus tax. It has to be a conspiracy and that is why you aren't allowed to take beverages on the plane or past security. And would it kill them to put in a drinking fountain somewhere?

I watched people for awhile. I love doing that. I make-up little stories about them Where they came from, where they're going, the kind of work they do, ect. I noticed this one woman studying me. I gave her a couple of glances and started thinking she looked familiar. For a couple of minutes, I thought she was the author of a blog I read. They could have been TWINS. Then her husband and children showed up and that shot that theory. It was then my egotisical side took over and thought maybe she recognized ME.

Analytics isn't picking me up today if she blogged about it.

But, after all that, it seemed like only minutes and I watched my sweet girl head out. She was glad she got to board first, (A-1 business select, baby), but was worried who would plop down next to her. I was hoping it wasn't the gross guy that ogled her in line.

Maybe later she'll find out it was a blogger. I wished that Brandi worked for Southwest. That would have been cool.

We left, without tears somehow, and to add insult to injury they charged me $7.00 for just over three hours of parking.

Aren't you jealous of my Monday?


Fiona said...

Wow. That sounds awesome. Gotta love donuts and a drink for $25. Thanks, airport!

Here, it was lecture, lunch, film/discussion and then a marathon walk uphill. Sweaty, but educational.

Bridgett said...

Oooh...is Jess going somewhere good?

I've seen some famous people at O'Hare airport in Chicago. I saw one of the carpenters off that TLC show...Tradins Spaces, maybe?

He was sitting in a bookstore being mugged by hundreds of girls.

And I'm quite certain the woman I saw was an old school tennis star.

I just don't know how to spell her name. It's Russian or something.

Navartina? Does that clue you in? LOL
Anyway, I'm quite certain it was her.

Lucky me, huh? ::eye roll::

And lucky you for spending all that hard-earned money! WooHoo! ::second eye roll::

What a rip off.

But I have to say, O'Charly's is Oh so yummy!

Monica said...

Have you blogged about where she is going? I must have missed it if you did. But I hope she has fun where ever she is!

I'm one of those people that is either really early or just a little late. But never right on time.

Ms.Emily said...

geez what an expense to drop someone off!!! lol

hope she had a good flight!


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