The games kids play

I no longer have a stalker.

As a matter of fact, should I choose to commit some crime in the near future, I fear the content contained herein could be used against me in a court of law.

Last night, I am innocently typing up the previous post. I publish it and head back to Farm Town, not because I am addicted, mind you.

I had about sixteen trees that needed to be planted when who should show up ON THE FARM. When someone shows up, a chat box automatically opens up.

So we are going through the pleasantries and I finally ask him how old he is. He tells me he is 19. No biggie, right? But I am not about to have an internet affair with a cartoon character.

He starts telling me that he is mad that is too (to) young for me, and that he just wants a pretend girlfriend like the other people have.

::cue the violins::

The mother side of me tells him that there are tons of girls (emphasize) his age and that he'll find someone.

Blah, blah, blah.

I am getting tired of the chit-chat and want to make a quick escape when finally tells me he is 10.

:::record screech:::

I am all, "You are up awfully late. I better go." And he finally leaves.

All I can think is that Chr!s H@nson is going to come in and accuse me of chatting with a minor.
I seriously was panicked.

I think I have been cured of my Farm Town addiction.

(Or at least befriending people. Let's be reasonable.)


Bridgett said...

Oh my. ::giggling::
I don't think I'll let you live this one down for awhile, Heather. ;)

Amy said...

I....uh....I'm laughing WITH you. Hee...

Sara said...

Oh goodness!

I think that there should be an age restriction for facebook and myspace. And anyone caught letting their kids be on them fined...only way to keep 10 year olds from hitting on someone's mom!!!!

Rachel said...

How funny and awkward. lol.

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