Childhood dreams

My friend texted me today and said that I she got a 100 on the paper that I she wrote. I was pretty excited for myselfher since I have never gotten a 100 on a paper that was going to be graded for spelling and mechanics as well as content.
It would seem that I have myself a little stalker on facebook. Well, more accurately, Farm Town. If you aren't familiar with either, Farm Town is an application (haha, Sara) game that is the internet equivalent to crack. Once you get set up, you grow crops. As you make money and move up in levels, you can buy more things, and grow more types of crops. The crops have to be harvested in a certain amount of time. You can go to the Marketplace and hire other farmers to harvest for you. Folks pimp themselves out for a few coins...

Anyway, in this meat market chat room, I like to sit there and watch the cropstitution. And if I do say so myself, the quietness works because I get hired a lot. I wished I had never found this little gig.

Yesterday, some little cartoon dude comes up and is all, "You sure look pretty today." I LOL'd him because there are like four options for our "look" so the ladies all look similar.

Make a long story short, he is all mackin' on me. Which is ridiculous. But cute at the same time. Dude sends me a "friends request" for Farm Town. I am thinking there is no harm.

I have recieved EIGHT messages today from him.

I don't think I received eight messages total when I was dating pre-Big Daddy. Sad, really.

This whole Facebook/Blogger/Twitter thing has gotten me to thinking about my kids' childhood vs. my childhood.

There are little things that remind me of my childhood when I hear/smell them. Things like Magic Sizing, The Price is Right, the theme song to "Young and the Restless", Dolly Parton songs, machine grease,...the list goes on and on.

Today, as I played on Farm Town, I wondered what would be my kids' triggers to childhood?
"You've Got Mail" when I sign on to AOL? The theme song to "Roseanne"? The smell of snickerdoodles? The sound of the washing machine? Eminem?

I just hope it makes them happy....


Sara said...

My children will think of their childhood when they smell coffee. I'm sure of it!

We were at our landlords' house yesterday, and she wouldn't let them have any so they didn't talk to her for about 10 minutes. And then we got a lecture about how kids need Kinder schocalade, not coffee. (Like chocolate is any better for them...)

Ms.Emily said...

This was a good post. I too think about what Olivia will think of when she things of "childhood"

Hope the stalker on the farm leaves you alone, hott stuff. lol!

and umm, congrats on the 100?? ugh


Bridgett said...

Ha! A Farm Town stalker. That is just so funny!

I wish my children had the childhood I had...running free through meadows, swimming in crystal clear creeks, chasing fireflies....

Unfortunately, the meadows are being turned into parking lots, the creeks are now full of waste, and the fireflies seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth.

It makes me sad.


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