There isn't even a title

You'd think that someone that wishes to be a writer would, well, write. Right?


I guess I have let the carefree feelings of summer get away with me. And by that I mean that absolutely nothing worth talking about happens every single day.

I hardly have any readers now as it is and if I start writing about my day, both of you would probably hit the unsubscribe button.

Last week the boys were gone to a VBS, church camp type of thing. They left every morning at 7:30 and arrived home between 3-3:15.

Best $30 and a box a popcicles I ever spent.

The first three days I got the house put in order and had a lot of fun listening to the quiet. On the fourth day, I ended up being gone all day in what turned into Operation What-Was-I-Thinking.

For three days I went in search of the perfect dress to wear to an evening wedding that is due to take place in T minus 12 days. The dress and necklace has been located but the shoes remain MIA.

The stress of trying to find the appropriate attire stress me out, therefore, I want chocolate/cookies/candies/cake/whateverIcangetmyhandson.

The aforementioned confectionery delights is what has caused an extended tour of every store in middle Tennessee. It's a vicious cycle.

I may be wearing silver flip-flops at this point.

In other news, I helped a friend write a paper on diversity in the classroom. She was assigned Educating Esme to read as well. I started it Sunday night and finished it Monday morning (it's a quick read). I highly recommend this book. If you are a teacher, want to be a teacher, or think you know what a teacher has to deal with, READ IT. It will open your eyes to a whole 'nother world.

Love her.

(Click on the link in my sidebar to get to the amazon.com listing.)

Well, that about sums me up. With this exciting life, I am expecting TLC to offer me a show any day now...


Amy said...

My days involve sleeping, wanting to sleep, and making food because the boys are too lazy to make their own. and yet, I'm always stressed. Tsk.

Bridgett said...

Exact same reason I'm not posting much these days.

Summer is meant for relaxing and being lazy. And I'm living it up! :)

And once I get my firepit and bistro table, I'll probably write even less! 75% of my blogging happens in the evening after the kids are in bed. But now I'll be outside most nights. Yay!

I do hope you're able to find some shoes. Did you check out Zappos?

Heather said...

I did look at Zappos. They had a great selection. Only problem is that even though my feet are very wide, my pocketbook is very narrow.


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