Having a yard sale is an emotional thing for me.

There are the cute little shirts the kids have. I remember special times they wore the shirts and regret they can no longer wear them.

There are the collections I have and not longer have room for and see no reason to keep them just to live in the hot attic.

There is the turmoil of trying to price things at a fair amount without feeling like you are giving them away, but will still make a buck or two. Let's face it, no one makes a profit.

I feel uncomfortable having people come and rummage through my things. It's personal. Then my feelings are hurt when they don't snatch my things up and skip down the drive in glee over their great find.

I feel that it is rude for stranger to come up and be smoking. I realize it is outside, but it is too personal.

I wonder why people will look at a tag that is clearly marked and ask, "How much is this?"

I wonder why people say, "Does it work?"

Big Daddy didn't think it would be right for me to say, "No. It doesn't work. But we put $XX so that you could find out when you got home. It's our idea of making money on trash and having some fun!"

Overall we did okay. We didn't make our goal, but Big Daddy the eternal optimist, reminded me that it was cash we didn't have beforehand. We still have a ton to haul to Goodwill, which stinks. I am sure I'll see someone in there buying a top I donated and paying $4.99 when I had it marked for $2.00.


Monica said...

I feel the same way!

And you know what gets me? All the "good" junk that I think people will snatch up right away is left at the end of the day. And all the real junk is the first thing that is bought!

Bridgett said...

The kids clothes and toys do bother me. Everything else? Not so much.

But I always keep my favorites of the kids clothes. I hope to one day make a big quilt out of them.


Courtney said...

I hate having yard sales. Even though you have to sometimes try and make a buck rather than donate everything to Goodwill and hope you can write it off next year, it's so frustrating. My biggest pet peeve is when people try to talk me down from a completely fair price to something totally insulting. A couple of years ago at our last yard sale, I put out a brand new violin that I had never gotten around to taking lessons for and marked it $30. It was worth over a hundred. A guy came up and offered me ten dollars for it. TEN BUCKS! That was like a slap in the face. Then he tried to say he didn't have a lot of money and wanted to give it to his son as a gift, trying to play on my emotions. By the way, he rolled up in a Lexus.

rawcogs said...

Its unbeliavable, that thing with the clothes. Just want to wear them, but they won't fit, but i can't throw them away either. For my future kids? Maybe. I hope so at least :>

But in a way, remember the kid shops before, remember how they used to be pink, and flowery. Nowadays kids want to follow fashion and be beatiful too. Minskirts, top showing the 0 level boobs they have, boots, leather, mini bags, actually copies of Channel - Welcome pedophiles!

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