Just so you know

I am still around.

Just trying to muddle through some real-life problems. Miss writing, though.

It would make me feel better to write about it, however, I am not sure who one person is that clicks on my blog daily.

Lewisburg, Tennessee? Who are you?

(You can email me if you'd like.)

I would just like it to be said that no matter how honest I am, how caring, how far away from gossip and whatnot I try refrain from, it always amazes me that there is one person that is willing to stab me in the back.

I would also like to say that to the one person (and actually, it may be like three) that thought you were so clever...

it always gets back to me.


SarahHub said...


There will always be that one (or three!) person who can't be trusted. Screw 'em!

The rest of us are here to support you! We heart you!

Bridgett said...

Uh oh. :(

I try and avoid all that crap too, but sometimes it's nearly impossible.

Big hugs.

Sara said...

I agree with Sarah. There's always someone who will try and take pleasure in attempting to hurt you.

We're here for you!

Fiona said...

Ditto. And keep in mind that lots of people may not show up as looking at your blog every day because they have you on RSS and therefore come by when you post (me!).

Honestly. Backstabbing. Like this is middle school.

Heather said...

Thanks for all the support, gals. You are the best internet friends a girl could ask for.

Fiona, my Feedjit is telling me someone from close by is clicking every day. I am just curious to whom it is. Not that I have anything to hide; I'm just neurotic like that.

Amy said...

Maybe this would be a good time to bring up the fact that you own a shotgun, a pit bull named Killer, and you really need something to do....heyy....road trip!

Fiona said...

ZOMG! Do you own a pit bull named "Killer"? That's fabulous. It makes our mastiff mix (Bobo, aka Boris) seem rather tame.

Heather said...

No, the dogs are a mini doberman/chihuahua mix named Brownie and Charlie. The worse thing they would do to someone is take them the squeaky ball. Once they were taken out of the crate. And given a treat. And some water.

Fiona said...

I think you're covering up. The chihuahua's I know are vicious. Vicious beasts! They'll chew your ankle *right off*.

I'm hoping to hear that one is named "Killer" and the other something like "Tinkerbell." And Tinkerbell's the really dangerous one.

Heather said...

Ironic that you say Tinkerbell...my mom's dog's name is Tinkerbell. She is this little puff of nothing. I think with her collar and after a meal she weighs all of 5 pounds. And she doesn't take _ _ _ _ off nobody.

My smaller dog (Brownie) is six pounds. But he walks around like he is a 150 lb champ. His confidence cracks me up. He tries to be the alpha.

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