If I ever had aspirations of having a billion followers and thousands of comments a day, I have pretty much shot that down, right?

I am waiting to make sure I am not going to get called into work before I get busy. I was reading another blog and got all inspired to write a post of my own.

A mish-mash of catching up, if you will.

Life has been okay as of late. And by okay, I mean Big Daddy and I still have jobs, there is food in the pantry, the kids are healthy, and we haven't foreclosed on our house.

Can't ask for much more, can we?

Actually, Big Daddy got a promotion at work. But before you send cards, congratulations, and flowers, you should know that he does the exact same thing he did, for oh, about $20 more a week. Plus he has been working seven days a week! On salary!

The kids are all doing wonderfully at the moment. Nicholas was invited to be in the Beta Club this year. He was so cute looking at the brochure. His selling point that he wanted to do it was, "..And I can apply for $235,000 in college scholarships!"

Please note, he is in the fifth grade.

We just need to get Darrin's grades up, ONE LETTER GRADE, in one subject, and he can be invited next year. I think it would be awesome! That would mean, me and all of my kids are in some sort of Beta Club. :::beams with pride:::

Speaking of Beta stuff (Fiona-please turn away), I guess I shouldn't be bragging....I have been the worst college student this semester. I can't get in the zone. I wait until the last minute to get projects done. I might crack a book before a test. And this semester is the lightest load I have taken so far--seven hours. I need to get my poop in a group before next fall. Actually, before February. I have transcripts and scholarships to gather up, an exit exam and Praxis test to take. Oh, and I should probably turn in my Intent to Graduate....

I would like to say that my lack of enthusiasm is because I am working two jobs. But that sounds like a lame excuse. It's all I've got, though.

That is about all that is going around La Costa Lotta.

I promise my next entry won't be another month from now.

(The phone never rang--I guess I am off this morning. Whoot!)


Fiona said...

HA! I did *not* turn away. So there.

Everyone gets lazy now and then. You work hard - don't feel bad about being a less-than-stellar student for one semester.

I mean, I'm reading blogs rather than working on my PowerPoint, right? So...I think we're all guilty.

Congrats to your husband and son!

Heather said...

Thanks, Fiona. I feel better now. ;)

Kathi said...

Glad to see you blogging again! I always love your updates and I hope that its not a month before your next one!!
<3 you!

Sara said...

I'm so lazy I can't even get STARTED with college. So keep telling yourself it could be worse. You could be in my shoes! (Even if they are cute, they aren't very motivated.)

Bridgett said...

I think two jobs is a sufficient reason to lack enthusiasm for school...

Glad things are going pretty well. I've missed hearing from you, woman!

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