Flip it and reverse it

Today, I was at Big Daddy's place of employment. He begged guilted paid me to come in and make flyers and signage for this weekend.

(He has taken on a festival. Will talk more on that at a later date. I hope.)

So, I have him come in and read this little tidbit I wrote. There were words such as "commitment," "correspond," "proceeds," included. He makes a joke about "dumbing" things down so that the general public will understand. I laughed but assured him those were fine and even Nicholas knew what they were. (He is in fifth grade.)

Apparently a customer had come up to the register and among her purchases was a box of Gain detergent. After the cashier rang it up, Ms. Customer stated that the soap should have rang Buy One, Get One. The cashier was confused and went down the aisle to check. The customer was behind her and pointed out the tag:

All Detergent, Buy One Get One.

All, as in A-L-L the brand, not the entire aisle of soaps.

You know, now that I think about it, I can't really blame her for at least trying.

A couple of years ago, Big Daddy's grocery manager gave a customer eight 2-liters of Pepsi Why, you ask?

The tag read, Pepsi Free.

(Think about that.)

They're out there...


SarahHub said...

I will never forget hearing a story from a service rep when I worked at AT&T. Apparently, she was trying to explain to a customer how to make a long distance call - "Dial one, plus the area code and phone number."

The customer was confused because her phone did not have a plus sign...

They are out there!

Bridgett said...

Oh my. LOL
Why can't I ever run into those gullible folks? :D

Sara said...

And it's things like that that make me happy to be out of customer service!

Fiona said...

Kudos for holding the line on vocabulary. If a fifth grader knows those words, everyone should. End of discussion.

Lori said...

Oh my! lol Great entry!

Monster Girl said...

hahaha, that's hilarious. People are so weird sometimes - and brave. I would never even think of actually trying to get pepsi for free! Meanwhile I lovvveeee your layout, did you design it yourself or did you find it somewhere?

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