Would you like fries with that?

I am a horrible blogger, I know.

My mind is shot lately. I can't keep up with everything. My mom said this would happen (let's not mention to her she was right.)

Mostly, working two jobs, taking 11 credit hours, and trying to raise normal, healthy, CLEAN children is more than one body can handle alone. Maybe I could have done it in my twenties. But the thirties? Not so much.

Today while my class was working on Science, I was making a schedule for housework, laundry, ironing, homework, working, ect.

I left it at school.

On the way in this morning, I stopped at the store and bought lunch for myself and another teacher. (She called and asked me to.) I bought the BEST multigrain chips and salsa to go with our SmartOnes.

I left them at school.

School is closed for the next two weeks for Fall Break.

I am struggling with some inner demons right now. (Again, right?) I can't seem to be settled and just happy with things are. Nothing seems to satisfy me these days. Tonight, I asked to be taken off the server schedule. The personnel manager did make me feel better by asking where else would I like to work and voiced that she had the same complaints that I have. At least I don't feel like a negative Nelly bringing the whole joint down. She said that she likes my personality and would hate to lose me. In a couple of days I should be moving to the cash stand. I'll probably lose some pay, but at least 1) I know at a glance what my check will be, and 2) it should take some stress off of me.

So that is where I am at these days. How are you?


Amy said...

I can't keep my shit together and I don't have a job, so you've got somethin' on me....

Bridgett said...

I'm with Amy...

Sara said...

I have to agree with Bridgett and Amy. I don't work one job, let alone 2 and school!

Glad to know you are "okay". Hope stuff calms down for you!

I get to move again.

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