At least it's not crack

Hi. My name is Heather. I am a book addict.

I seriously need an intervention. Well, that is my husband's opinion.

I have always been a voracious reader, but never was one to purchase books. Maybe an occasional paperback, but never hardbacks no matter how much I wanted to read the latest release.

Now, I am still a big reader, (not so much with the textbooks these days, but that is a subject for another day) but my obsession has taken me to children's books.

Four years ago, when I decided to go back to school and get my education degree, I started buying children's books. To put in my classroom. When I had no classroom of my own. I hadn't even registered for school yet.

That's a perfectly sane move, right?

If I had to venture a guess, I would say I have something close to 1,000 titles now.

My husband completely supports my efforts, but mostly because I get my books from yard sales, Goodwill, neighbors, thrift shops, and really good sales at the book store(s). Newberry Award winning books are my favorite find.

Last night was family night at the kid's book fair. They were given the option of having cash to take to school on Thursday, or going last night. They chose last night.

I told them the usual rules: budget, no code books, no toys, no pens/pencils/erasers, no posters. It's a book fair, and I will purchase BOOKS.

So, they each had their own budget, and I secretly had my budget. You know, in case I JUST HAD to have something I hadn't found yet.


We leave and I am coming off my book-high. I am excited for them, excited for me.

THEN, I am making dinner, and went to feed the dogs. They had just enough for dinner but nothing for breakfast. I volunteered to run to PetSmart and get some food, plus the fish needed a new filter.

PetSmart is next door to Books-a-Million.

Books-a-Million had three racks out saying, "$1- Last Chance"

It would have been rude not have looked, right?

I found six books worth the dollar (all for me) and went inside to check out the clearance rack. Being that I had blown my budget at the book fair, I was totally trying to have some self-control.

I don't know what they pump into those places, but I just go into a trance. I love to look at the titles. Flip through the pages. Smell that new-book-smell.

I found a Roald Dahl for $1.97 (Charlie and the Glass Elevator) and another assorted "school stories" for the same.

Guess what I paid for eight books?


The $1 books rang up for .90 and the two children's books rang up for $1.70.

They have the complete set of A Series of Unfortunate Events in hardback for $4.95 each. I am betting they'll ring up for less. I only need five of them to be complete.

Oh! This Friday is payday....


Amy said...

Casinos and book stores. It's like you just can't say no..

Kathi said...

I have always liked Children's Books too. I want to start getting all the Dr. Suess Books, there is a discount used bookstore near work that I spent 20.00 in on BF. They have some practically new Dr. S books....and I want them. At least you have a reason to buy them....I have no kids or a future in education. Sigh. LOL.

Rachel said...

Too funny. I'm glad you're getting good deals!

Fiona said...

Ha! Good for you. Love book sales.

You can't have too many, anyway.

Bridgett said...

Girl...shall we start a BRA?
Book Readers Anon?


Or maybe it should be BBA.

Book Buyers Anon.

What I'm trying to say is, I'm with you on this one. We're broke all the time, but I MUST have my books.

And library books just don't do it for me. ;)

Sara said...

My husband is the book addict in the family. But I LOVE to buy book cases, so it's a win/win situation!

Lori said...

Welcome Heather. My name is Lori. I, too, am a book addict. It's nice to know that I am in such good company! Wow!!! You got some really good deals. At times like that it is not good policy to have a budget, right? Right??

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