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Whilst browsing the 'net this morning looking for creative inspiration, I came across this website. I think I will bookmark it in its own folder.

Here is the prompt I chose today:

Imagine your life is a book. In 100 words, write a blurb for it. (It's what people will read on the back cover.)

Heather was attempting to make the best of her given situation. She worked two jobs, juggled a toddler, a was barely paying the bills. Her mother thought that the solution to all of her problems was to find Mr. Right or even Mr. He'll Do. However, finding a man was the last on Heather's agenda.

Flash forward twelve years later: She has found Mr. Right, added two rowdy boys to the mix, and is still working two jobs. Heather has returned to school to get a degree of her dream job.

But will the new career finally give her the feeling of contentment she's been searching for all along?

So, what would your blurb say?


Kathi said...

Good Blurb.

Mine would be too depressing to write.


Bridgett said...

Oooh! I'll try and do this on my blog tomorrow. Fun!

Lori said...

Hey, I'd read that book! I used to use that web site but had forgotten about it. I think I lost the link once when my computer died. I'll have to bookmark it again now.

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