How NOT to have your photos taken

Our 7:30 appointment shows up fifteen minutes early. We are excited because we close the studio at 8:00. The 7:15 is just finishing up. In my mind, I am planning my trip home...

As I start the session planning, I ask her who all is going to be in the photos....

"You are going to hate me! ::gigglegigglegiggle There is a 7-year old, a 3-year old, and a 2-month old. Plus we want to change their clothes four times. But we want to start with Christmas, them all together....."

This goes on for what seemed like ten minutes while I am feverishly scribbling something legible on the paper.

Flash forward through a screaming fit (three year old), a good old fashion cry (2-month old), much bribing with Skittles, McDonald's, and a train set (to the three year old by the mother) the father walking out after being told that he was absolutely no help ( I think he may have been sneaking some adult beverages and we shouldn't blame him) and nearly pulling the black backdrop off the track (the 3 year old again) and over an hour shooting time....

-One good shot of the group (Christmas)
-Three good shots of the seven year old (in three different outfits)
-One good shot of the seven and three year old (Christmas)
-One good shot of the seven and three year old (matching polos)
-Three good shots of the baby nekkid (profile, mother and baby, baby feets and mom's hand)
-One good shot of the baby (Christmas)
-Three shots of the three year old pouting in various outfits

The moral of this story:

If you don't feed your child prior to a 7:30 photo shoot, you will get what you get. My magic wand is in the shop. Futhermore, if you use bribery to get what you want from said three year old, even he will know that "one more time" means nothing. Especially with a pocketful of Skittles.


Sara said...

I would have made her reschedule after the shoot took 30 minutes. It is completely unacceptable for her to ask for all of that that late in the day. But I'm mean, and if kids didn't cooperate after 15 minutes or so, I would refuse to take anymore pictures.

But you're nicer than I am!

Heather said...

LOL Sara!

The girl that was working with me said the same thing. I have offered to reschedule before, but it isn't very often. With high intensity mothers such as this one, it's usually better to get what we can get. However, it's irritating when she said, "Just take him like that," and then didn't even buy it.

From my little bit of time with them, I can see their whole day is like that everyday. She bribes, he throws a fit, she accepts it, and he doesn't have any consequences for his behavior.

Kathi said...

Ugh, that had to have sucked! Sorry you had a rough shoot. :(

SarahHub said...

Argh! Sounds crazy... God, please don't let me turn into "that mother..."

But it sounds like you handled it well! And she got some nice pictures...

Bridgett said...

I feel your pain...and hers too.

Picture time has never been much fun at our house.

The last time we went, I ended up bitching at the woman taking the pictures. She was HORRIBLE. We'd finally get the kids posed and looking at her and she'd be talking to her assistant and not paying attention.

Needless to say, all the good pictures you managed to get seems absolutely miraculous to me.

We got three good photos...and only two of those would actually qualify as 'good.' The other one was acceptable.

Then again, our photographer only took about 8 pictures total. I kid not.


Bless your patience, Heather.

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