Finding myself


I am good.

I had no idea the talent that was lying in wait, just hoping for that perfect opportunity to strike.

The first thing I had to do in order to unleash my pent up talent was to wait until a full night's sleep was such a distant memory that it was more of a myth than an actuality.

Then, after being up since 12:45 am Friday morning, I would help my mom work her garage sale in the Tennessee heat. On Friday, I was so lucky and didn't even know it because the heat index was at or slightly over 100 degrees. Those of you that live in the South with this humidity can attest to the fact that when it is like this you are sweating. ALL.THE.TIME.

Even in the shade.

Wearing sunscreen? Helpful, but also futile.

So, did I get a sunburn? Yeah.

Was it bad? Not really. I've had worse.

Could it have been prevented? Only if I had stayed in the house.

I have a fair/medium complexion with a LOT of freckles. I will burn. Can't help it. Call it genetics. I do what I can to prevent excessive burning.

So, where are we? Extreme exhaustion, heat exhaustion, and slight sunburn (treated with ice, vinegar, and aloe). Desperate to get some sleep, I took a new sleeping pill I bought. Note to self: call the doc for more Ambien.

One that doesn't have diphenhyramine.

Do you know what ingredient is in most otc sleep aids? Diphenhyramine. In other words, the active ingredient in Benedryl. Strangely, or perhaps it was a foreshadowing moment to the unleashing of my talents, I realized this last night in the pharmacy section of Target. I knew that the Sominex I had been taking wasn't really working. In a desperate cry for help, I bought some Unisom that was the only thing that didn't have the aforementioned ingredient. Because you know the one medicine that I can't take is? Benedryl. It winds me up. I'll give you a moment to connect all of those dots that I obviously missed.

Anyway, I slept like a baby last night.

Well, maybe a toddler. Because I didn't wake up crying for a bottle or needing a change.

However, since I am taking the long way around to tell you something, I imagine by now you are wondering what ever special thing had to have occurred between the hours of 10pm and 9am this morning.

I left myself a comment on the previous post.

Now, I know you are probably thinking, "Well, whoopty-do. I can do that," let me assure you that this is something truly of wonder and astonishment.

I actually addressed myself, "Dear Blogger." Can you imagine? Then, I went on to say, "Wear sunscreen!"


What insightful and witty things I have to say! And I can do it in so few words, too!

Because I have comment moderation on, and chose to reject myself this morning, I don't know where I was when I made this comment.

(Ick. That is a lot of "I(s)" in the previous sentence.)

At any rate, I thought I would share with you this gift of mine. I wonder other hijinks I have been up to lately?

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Sara @ Life With the Two said...

You know, when I hear the phrase "wear sunscreen" I automatically think of a Baz Luhrman song. And I think of the line " Don’t worry about the future; or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubblegum."

Also? So glad you figured out why you weren't sleeping. Benedryl does the same thing to Zeph. Craziness. Pure craziness.

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