Lost, Again

You know that saying, "Well, that's what happens when you assume...''?

In my situation, there is no 'you.' I am the only...

(you know how that ends.)

Yesterday when I logged into my blogger account, and saw I had a comment from "me," I assumed that it was a spam message. I wasn't thinking. Because if I had REALLY thought about it all, I would have realized my mistake.

The comment was left by one of my real-life friends. Someone who has lived in Tennessee all of her life and knows what the weather is like. Thankfully, she left me a message on Facebook last night, letting me know that it was in fact her.

On her google account, she is "me." Not coolandhip me, but simply me. I knew that but wasn't thinking. So not only did I delete her comment, I made a whole snarky post about it.


I was going to delete the post, but I have decided to leave it up. That way when I take her to Buffalo Wild Wings for supper to make up for my immature behavior, it will remind me once again to think before I react.

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