-Exactly one month from today is the first day of school.

-I am disappointed in the prizes (and I use that word loosely) given to my children for the reading program from the library. One of my children has logged I think something close to 28 hours!! He has more than his fair share of ice cream cone, french fry, and kid's meal coupons. It took something of a small miracle to get them to read but they did because of the prizes that were advertised. I'll never get them to read this much again...

-'Normal' is not a word in my everyday vocabulary. I should write a post about that.

-I feel like something is missing. Maybe it's money.

-Tomorrow, I am getting with my neighbor and she is going to show me the world of couponing. I can't wait.

-I really miss Diet Coke.

-That Jessica chick posing as Justin's girlfriend on "The Bachelorette" tonight had the most fake cry I have ever seen. I am not even sure why I'm watching that show.

-I finished another book today. To Have and To Hold by Jane Green. If I could write as fast as I read, I'd be golden!

-Tomorrow is the last day before payday. Which means Old Mother Hubbard's cupboards are bare. The Food Network could produce an episode of "Chopped" in my kitchen. Please make an entree out of a jar of pickles, mini-marshmallows, and some fresh thyme...

-I am sort of tired of my layout. But it has been this way since almost the beginning and it seems scary to change it.

-Well, I did change it. (the layout) Any suggestions?

-Why is my mind the most productive when I should be sleeping?


Sara @ Life With the Two said...

I love the new look! Though, I had to do a double take, because I totally assumed my link was broken!!

Kathi said...

I love the new layout, however, I thought I was in the wrong place for a minute..lol.
That stinks about the prizes for the reading program. :(
I don't think that normal is in my every day vocab either, oh how I wish it was though.
Love ya,

Fiona said...

I love the new layout.

And all of us on Blogger have to change because they're no longer letting us stay in the old rut. So we might as well embrace it, right?

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