I Lost on Jeopardy, Baby....Oh wait. Wrong Show

I mentioned in my last post that I auditioned for Wheel of Fortune. I thought I had blogged about it at some point, but I couldn't find any evidence if I did. I know I mentioned it a couple of other times.

Here is the nitty gritty:

Back in September of '05, the Wheel Mobile came close to where we live. It was my favorite game show, and I had always wanted to go on.

It was hot that day. And we were on a blacktop parking lot. For five hours.

They play three mock games a day. You can go in the lotto for one or all of the games. By filling out this card with pertinent info, it goes into a barrel-type thing and they pull the names for each session.

I cheered. I clapped. I hooted and hollared. I even played along (in my head) while my family sat patiently and roasted with me in the blazing sun.

I never got called.

On the cards that are filled out, you are to include an email addy. I forget the reasoning, but there is a chance you can be called when they come back for the final auditions. It was recommended that you put interesting information because you will stand out. The cards for the email drawing are all looked at.

We figured I didn't have a snowball's chance.

Late in December, ( I think) I get an email inviting me to the auditions that would be held in February.

Most of that day was blur. The only thing I really remember is going in for the second time to play a game because I had made the first cut. (Although, looking back, I am not sure how.) So, we get herded into another room and are playing the game. We are told that we are not only being judged on game play, but how we react as an audience member. No pressure, right?

I finally get a chance to play. I stand up and was supposed to pic a letter. Except all the obvious choices had been taken: R, S, T, L, N and there wasn't much up there to work with. I am was in a panic and chose a B. Nope. Have a seat, loser.

Finally, some chic that has had all the time in the world solves the puzzle (People Magazine). We were given a brief break while they made the decisions of the next cut. I didn't make it.

But, I didn't walk away empty handed! Between both times I acquired:

Two 8x10 black and white glossys of Pat and Vanna
A Wheel of Fortune ink pen that I may or may have just forgotten to return
A Wheel of Fortune pin that lights up (or did. It's broken now.)
A golf pencil that says "I tried out for Wheel of Fortune"
The satisfaction of knowing that I did something completely out of my comfort zone.

All in all it wasn't a bad experience. And if sitting in a conference room was nerve racking, I can't imagine in front of a studio audience and the blinding stage lights. It is definitely easier at home.

Like I said yesterday, if they come back, I'll try again.


Kathi said...

That sounds nerve racking! I wish that you had of made it though, it would have been nice for you to possibly win some cash or vaca. :)
You have a great story if nothing else, I don't know anyone who can say they tried out for a game show. :)


Kelly said...

I am so jealous right now!

Come on big money!!!

CherylT said...

Such a cool experience but I know what you mean about losing your head. I once got plucked from the audience at Disney World to play Who Wants to Be A Millionaire and I got so nervous being in the hot seat, I forgot who I came with for a second.

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