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Day 24: Something that makes me cry

Gosh, this is almost as hard as yesterday's entry. I think I'll make a list. It only seems fair.

In no particular order, these things make me cry:

  • Publix's holiday commercials
  • thinking about life without Big Daddy
  • thinking about life without any of my kids
  • onions
  • This version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
  • Most of "Terms of Endearment"
  • After Rose realizes Jack died in "Titanic"
  • After Shelby dies through the end of the funeral on "Steel Magnolias"
  • This Sarah McLachlan song especially when she sings the line, "..from this stark, cold hotel room..." (LONG story, but essentially it's a tie-in to Big Daddy.)
  • When I think too much about this situation, which is at least daily.
  • seeing other people cry
  • the last episode of "Friends"
  • the episode of "Friends" when Ross and Rachel go on a "break"
..and the list could go on forever.

1 comment:

Kathi said...

I totally understand. I could type a list a mile long on things that make me cry. Lol. We're saps. :)

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