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Day 22: Something that upsets me

There are many things that get up in my crawl. Y'all have been witness to this on more than one occasion.

I have a new issue that has been eating at me for the better part of the week.

Why is it that people that happen to be homosexual, whether it be gay or lesbian, feel like they have to "come out?" Have you ever seen a presentation where some celebrity stands and says, "My name is So-and-So and I am a heterosexual?"

It upsets me that I live in a country run by a government that feels it is morally wrong to love and even be married to someone of the same gender. Moreover, a person that happens to be gay or lesbian feels the need to hide it because of prejudice and what it entails.

It upsets me that a survey was sent to current military personal asking how he or she would feel if someone that was gay or lesbian was in their company.

It upsets me that so much emphasis is put on the label "gay." In watching any sort of news program, if the person being talked about happens to be gay, it is mentioned. But it's never the opposite.

Who a person loves and spends time with is not a measure of his or her worth as a human being. It's time to put an end to the labels. Let's drop the homo- and hetero- off of and just be...

sexual beings.

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Sara @ Life With the Two said...

Oh how I love this post and you!

We know many homosexuals in the military. And people who know these people, they know too. The DADT policy makes it so that no one can say anything about it either way. We all know. Most of us don't care. It's not as big of a deal as the higher ups and the media are making it out to be.

The people who say they want the law to stay in effect? Well, you know that saying there's no atheist in a foxhole? Pretty sure this falls into that category.

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