Getting Tunafied at Miss Walker's

Day 30- One last moment

I guess it's time to wrap this challenge up. Although, I really don't wanna. Even though I have managed to spread it out over two months, I liked the comfort of knowing I "had something to talk about" on those days that all I may have done was make coffee.

Oh, I kid. I would never have the luxury of only making coffee. The dogs have to go outside. And someone has to change the channels on the TV.

At any rate, I have procrastinated on posting this simply because I didn't know what to write about.

And then it just happened.

Last night , Nicholas and I were talking about music. He has taken a sudden interest in my iPod. All he wants to do is listen to music.

::heart swells with pride::

He is talking about the songs he would want if he had his own music player because, "yours doesn't have anything good on it."


Let the record show that I have about 497 songs LOADED on there. If one can't find something good to listen to on my iPod, there's nothing I can do.

He does like the song, "Roses" by OutKast. We are singing, and he says, "You need a golden calculator tunafied...."

After I stopped laughing about an hour later, I showed him the video and told him that the only thing one could do with a golden calculator was to divide.

Apparently, not really knowing the lyrics runs in the family....

For the last twenty plus years, I have been singing, "On a one-winged dove" instead of "a white-winged dove" to "Edge of Seventeen" by Stevie Nicks. (Hello. Still best song EVER.)

Even when I would be singing that song, quite loudly I am sure, I always wondered how it soared. What with its one wing and all.

But the award for alternate lyrics goes to Big Daddy.

We are looking up some songs by the group, "Kentucky Headhunters." They are playing at a festival he is going to be at next month and neither of us recognized the name.

I find an album and click on a song I thought sounded familiar, "Dumas Walker."

The sample starts to play, and we both say, "OOOH!" at the same time. However, our ohs had different meanings.

Mine was for recognition.

His was because of the lyrics. They sing, "Let's all go down to Dumas Walker's."

He thought they sang, "Let's all go down and do Miss Walker."

This was three days ago. As soon as I stop laughing, I need to ask him what he thought the next line was...

"We'll get a slawburger, fries, and a bottle of ski.."

So there you have it. One last moment, thankfully, full of laughs.

Here's to many, many more....


Sara @ Life With the Two said...

A) I was convinced for years the line was "Let's all go, down unto Milswalke" (Like, Milswalke is some random town no one has ever heard of or something.)

2) I may be the QUEEN of misheard song lyrics. And I say that because I once called a radio station an asked them to play the "girl on a fat guy's nuts"...when the lyric is really "girl all the bad guys want"

Kathi said...

LOL!!! I make up my own lyrics too and I wonder why they dont seem to make sense. :)

I am enjoying this challenge too. Mine is almost up as well. Did you see the random dozen questions I posted the other day? She does a different set of questions each week. That might help you a little bit.
ps..I sent you an email to your gmail about your comment on my blog.

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