Give Way to a Giveaway

Hold on to your hats, ladies and germs. The big announcement?


A sweet and VERY patient lady at CSN Stores contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in hosting a giveaway.

I had never heard of them, but once I clicked onto the site, I was immediately glad I was chosen to do this. I dare you to not find something to purchase. You know, Christmas is right around the corner....

Maybe a pair of dutch ovens? I would totally ask Santa for this one.
What about a new lamp?
Something for the pup?

You had better check the site out and see what you'd like to have because...

Next Friday, September 17 one lucky commenter will be the winner of a $60 gift card.

That's right! Now, for the rules:
  • A comment must be entered on THIS POST only.
  • Tell me one thing you would buy should you win.
  • You may comment once per twenty-four hours. So come back each day.
  • Make sure that I have a way to contact you (by email) ON EACH ENTRY.
  • You do not be present to win.
  • No purchase is necessary.
  • No bribes will be accepted, but following my blog will get you extra clicks on yours. ;)
  • You will have 24 hours to respond to my email. Otherwise, the next person will be drawn.
  • These rules can change at any time for your protection or simply for my amusement.

Good luck!

This giveaway is now closed.


Jo said...

Given that I am in the middle of building a house, I would like almost everything they have for sale. For the purposes of this entry though, I would put it towards a new dinner set.

leahy.jo at g mail dot com

Sara @ Life With the Two said...


Definitely a fondue set.

I miss The Melting Pot. I need some apples dipped in melted cheddar

Kathi said...


I would sooo want this if I won....


I need a jewelry armoire soooo bad!



meeyeehere said...

If I win I would like to buy sheets for my son,Sponge Bob sheets of course.

Megan said...

I need some new dining room chairs...that's what I would buy!

TruthHole said...

I'd get some blank cds.Maybe some coffee too

Jo said...

Linen. All the linen. I have a linen-buying addiction.



thatlittlehouse said...

I'd like to have the OIA
30" Laundry Sorter

nblexp at gmail dot com

Kathi said...

I looked some more and found this....


It would look delightful in my other office. :)

Jo said...

oooh... THIS is my favourite!



Jo said...

Today I would put it towards this: http://www.buyster.com.au/Network-Rugs-SUP-303-PURPLE-NET1416.html



Kathi said...

I looked some more and since my main office is done in zebra print accents, I think this would look really cute in one of the corners...


I actually made a purchase on there today for a zebra accent rug. I can't wait til I get it!!

email... i love my angel wings @ gmail dot com
no spaces of course....


Jo said...

My apologies if I haven't worked out the time difference properly today, please make this my entry for the 16th.

How gorgeous are these glasses? http://www.buyster.com.au/Noritake-G812-121-NTK1129.html

I would totally get them if I won!



Rachel said...

It would probably go toward baking dishes, since mine are 107 years old.


Brandi said...

OK seriously been lusting after the aprons they have. I'll have to find the link. : p

See look I'm entering! I always miss the deadline on entering everything because I always fail to leave comments. Bad brandi, bad. : /

Kathi said...

My entry for today...


for my office, of course! :)

i love my angel wings @ gmail dot com

I hope I win!!!!!


Bridgett said...

Holy crap! How could I possibly pick? There is just SO MUCH STUFF!

I'm thinking what I would probably put the $60 toward is a new end table. We have none. Either that, or a lamp.

But honestly, I couldn't possibly pick one specifically out right now. (I think it might take a full year to go through their selection. Seriously...how have I never heard of this place before???)

Great giveaway! I'm impressed by this site.


p.s. Thanks for the message...I haven't been on blogger in months.

Jo said...

Can this count as my entry for September 17th? It is September 17th here if that helps???

Today I would put the voucher towards this: http://www.buyster.com.au/Carlini-Designs-WG08149-CAR1262.html



Good luck to everyone!!!!

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