I Can Literally List a Million

Day 8: "What is your least favorite quote or saying and why?"

There are three sayings that get under my crawl. And frankly, there are probably more, but I feel bad that I couldn't think of more than one quote that I liked.

I guess I focus on the negative too much. I am in a grumpy mood, so be prepared.
I am not sure if the order here is the exact pecking order as they all pretty much annoy me frequently.

3) "At the end of the day..."

To me this is a cop- out statement. It is a way for someone to justify what he or she is saying or doing by saying, "It won't really matter." I have only heard this used correctly perhaps once or twice. The rest of the time it is simply overused. Like the word literally.

(Although, I will claim to use literally. Literally once a day. At least.)

2) "I don't know."

This may not classify as a quote or saying; however, if I were perform a density percentage of my entire blog on this one phrase from quoting them, it would be HIGH. These people in my family drive me crazy with it. Again, I feel as though this is a cop-out. No one wants to actually have to think. Occasionally, I understand that whomever is being asked a question may not actually know, but come on, really? Every time a question is asked? Some days I feel as though they'd all rather I literally do their thinking for them.

1) "Boys will be boys."

Big Daddy KNOWS not to say this to me. I simply do not believe in it. It is another cop-out. Another way to justify some unsavory behavior.

To a point, I believe boys may have some primitive, unconscious desire to do things that are stereotypically "boy-like." And while that is all well and good, if my boys were to act up and I said, "Oh well. Boys will be boys," all I am doing is reinforcing that behavior rather than teaching them how to control impulses and make good choices.

If I wouldn't let my daughter do it, why would I let my boys?

And that's all I have to say about that.


Sara @ Life With the Two said...

I agree with these 100%.

I'll wait while you get over the shock value of that statement.

Kathi said...

I hope you have a wonderful day!


Fiona said...


Have I mentioned that I love your wallpaper/background. I do.

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