I Don't Think GhostBusters Could Help

Day 26: Fears

Things that I would label as a fear would probably be re-labeled by a mental health professional as something else. Anxiety. Insecurity. Abnormal.

Pfft. Whatever.

I say, if something gives you that feeling, and you know what I mean, it's a fear.

Here are mine:

  • Rejection
  • Ironically, success. (more on this later)
  • Things I can't see. For example, the ocean. I will get in until I can't see the bottom anymore, then I back up. You won't see me in a lake, either. Nor will I stick my hand into a box.
  • Snakes
  • Guns
  • Electricity. But not to where I'm not able to plug in things, but not to be able to do any repairs or additions in the house. Exposed wire? YIKES!
There are probably more, but I am afraid I can't think of any more at the moment.
Don't judge, O.K?


Sara @ Life With the Two said...

"Things I can't see" is exactly why I am scared of the dark. It's not the dark I'm scared of per se. It's the things I can't see I'm scared of.

And I promise the story behind my fear of squirrels will be coming soon.

Amy said...

I'm not putting myself in an ocean or lake, either. Uh uh...no way. *covers eyes*

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